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Sanchaya Impex- Stone Cutting Tool PowerPoint Presentation
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Sanchaya Impex- Stone Cutting Tool

Sanchaya Impex- Stone Cutting Tool

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Sanchaya Impex- Stone Cutting Tool

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  1. About Sanchaya Impex • SANCHAYA IMPEX got started in 2010 as a trading firm in the field of supplying the best manufactured stone cutting tools for granite, marble & limestone. This is a trading all the tools manufactured by its mother company Sharda marble.

  2. About Sharda Marble • Sharda Marble is the mother company of SANCHAYA IMPEX. It was 1994 when a small manufacturing unit started with the name SHARDA MARBLE leading towards THE GOAL to provide stone industry with the best tools ever.

  3. Products of Sanchaya Impex Diamond Disc Diamond Impregnated segments Diamond Wire

  4. Diamond Disc • Saw Blades for cutting stone edge and small size blocks: The blades give straight cuts, which reduces the subsequent machining costs. It uses high frequency welding and laser welding for cutting stone edge and small size blocks. • Blades for cutting large size block: These blades are used on large size blocks and few of its characteristics are fast cutting speed, good life span, stable performance etc.

  5. Diamond Impregnated segments • Segment for cutting large size block: Segment for Large Size Block are made from very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end. • Segments for cutting stone edge and small size blocks: Our diamond segments prove to be highly efficient, specially on granite & Marble. I is a high frequency welded, for cutting all kinds of stone. • Beads: The Wire Saws beads manufactured by us are known for their performance and quality. We come up with best quality beads catering to the requirement of the stone sector.

  6. Diamond Wire • Block squaring and profiling: The diamond wires for profiling machines are used for cutting of complex shapes for building and gravestones, exploiting the profiling accuracy and the cutting quality of the diamond wire • Multiwire: It altogether represents a new frontier of cutting system. Its ability to process an entire block in once descent of the machine is one of its major strength. • Quarry Wires: These wires are designed for the extraction of the stone, reducing energy consumption. The product comes with wires with rubber, plastic covering mounted over it in different diameters.

  7. Our Approach • Ensure optimum performance in the most demanding operating conditions. • Manufacture tools to meet specific customer requirement. • Dedicated technical staff in constant touch with the customer, assisting them to get performance from the tools. Offer competitive price to ensure low cutting cost.

  8. Our Mission • To provide customized tools according to the needs of the client. Which helps in maintaining the consistency & improving the quality of tool time to time

  9. Call on Mail on: Visit on: +91-1442700523, +91-8239308000