how to delete the registry key for kaspersky n.
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How to Delete the Registry Key for Kaspersky?

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How to Delete the Registry Key for Kaspersky? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kaspersky Support NZ Provide Technical Support For Computer Software As Well As Provide Steps How to Delete the Registry Key for Kaspersky? If You Have Any Issue Regarding Computer Security Dial Kaspersky Support NZ Number: 64-99710591.

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Kaspersky lab offers a variety of software products and Kaspersky anti-virus program is one of them. Once a Kaspersky lab product installed on your system then it can’t uninstalled by the available option "Add and Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. If you will try to uninstall a program in this way then some part of program will remain on your computer that caused errors in installing another program. To completely remove this software, Kaspersky lab provides you a removal tool on its official website. But if you have already uninstalled a Kaspersky lab program by using “Add and Remove Program” then you can’t use removal tool. You'll need to manually remove the Kaspersky registry keys. At Kaspersky antivirus support NZ, we have provided you few simple instructions to delete the Registry Key for Kaspersky.


Following are the steps:

  • Step1-Click on “Start” and then “Run” button
  • Step2- thereafter, go to “Open” box and type “ regedit” and tab “Ok button, in this way the registry editor will open a box that are divided into two sections. On the left side, go down until you will find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" key. Once you will find it then double-click on it, which opens this section.
  • Step3- Go down to the “Software” and then double click on it and thereafter click to “Microsoft” and again double click on it.

Step4- Go to the “windows” and then double click on it and then click on “Current Version”

  • Step6- Go down to “Uninstall” and right-click on “Uninstall”
  • Step7- After that you will need to pull down to “Export”. You will find the “Export Registry File” box. Click on "Desktop" in the left panel of this box. Then type "Uninstall" in the "File Name" box and then tab "Save" button
  • Step8- Go downward in "Uninstall" folder until you will get "Kaspersky." One you will get it then double-click on the "Kaspersky" folder, in order to open the section on the right side of the "Registry Editor" box.
  • Step9-Confirm that the name shown in "DisplayName" is "Kapersky"
  • Step10-Right-click on the file on the left-hand side of the "Registry Editor" box and go down to "Delete."

Step11-Removing the file is automatic. Deletion of the wrong key can be corrected just by double-clicking on the "Uninstall" file which you just have created on your desktop.

  • Step12- Close all the folders, that were open in the "Registry Editor" to show only five folders. Click "My Computer" to highlight it.
  • Step13- Click the "Edit" button and go down to "Find" button and then type "Kapersky" in the "Find What" box.
  • Step14-Click "Find Next" If results contain "Kapersky," runs a registry cleaner like Regcleaner or another one you have.
  • Step15- Reboot the computer and then "Turn Off Computer." Count for 10 before turning the computer back on.
  • Step16- Confirm deletion of the "Kapersky" key by going to the "Registry Editor"

Step17-Click "Start" and "Run." In the "Open" box, type "regedit" and click "OK."

  • STEP18 Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Uninstall. Scroll down to the "Kapersky" registry key, which should be gone.
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