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Medical Practice Management Software

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Medical Practice Management Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this document described features of Medical Practice Management Software.75health practice management software helps save time, improve patient satisfaction, ensure accuracy, and enhance growth.

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features of practice management software

Features of Practice Management Software

Following the example of most of the other industries in the modern world, medical industry is

also moving toward an ‘all-digital’ environment. Having several positive impacts on the

physicians and medical practices, the modern health information system of Medical Practice

Management Software (MPMS) helps practices in efficiently managing billing and

streamlining patient scheduling.

Practice Management Software

Reasons Why Practice Management Software is required to have the

Best Features

Impacting directly certain very important functions that have a say on the financial viability of

health care facilities, the practice management software is required to include certain

inevitable features. It has been proven from studies that hospitals are losing money to the tunes

of millions of dollars due to failure of exploiting collected information efficiently.

Moreover, a huge amount of medical practices feel the need for translating data into actionable

insight. To be able to achieve these crucial factors, practice management software solutions

must be capable of providing potential tools that facilitate customizing the network system and

data streaming.

salient features of the 75health mpms insurance

Salient Features of the 75Health MPMS

▪Insurance eligibility verification: Patients are enabled to understand whether specific

services are covered by their insurance plans

▪Scanning of Insurance Card: Front office staff can capture all essential details quickly

and easily by scanning the patients’ insurance cards

▪Diagnosis procedure compatibility validation: With contemporary payer strategies

requiring correlation between billed procedures and diagnosis, checking whether a

procedure is covered is important

▪Monitoring compliance and updating: Audit risks can be reduced by automated

monitoring and the potential of PHI breach can be limited – automated alerts at the time

of identifying vulnerabilities limits risks and saves expensive sanctions

▪Inventory Tracking & Control: Monitoring the full inventory cycle, analyzing usage

patterns, and facilitating automated re-ordering can be made possible

▪Support in Billing & Collection: In addition to coding capability, the software is expected

to automate claims submission and facilitate accurate billing statements

▪Smooth Communication and effective collaboration: To be able to deliver quality health

care, an easy and effective communication among the various stakeholders of the health

care facility is essential

▪Determining Out of pocket expenses: The practice management software needs to notify

the front office staff what patients owe after insurance has been paid

Additional Useful Features in 75Health MPMS

▪Transcription capability

▪Mobile access

▪HIPAA Compliance

▪HL7/EMR interface

▪Multi-provider compatibility

▪Payer contract analysis

apart from basic features such as automated

Apart from basic features such as automated billing and appointment scheduling, 75Health

Medical Practice management software includes features of reporting and financial management,

offering a lot of benefits to medical professionals and practices!

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