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Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Web Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Web Development

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Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Web Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile apps are ruling almost every industry. Developers are now seeking on-the-go solutions to perform their tasks. There are many mobile apps available on the respective app stores to help the programmers to develop while on the go. The presentation has the list of top Android apps that can be used for web development.

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Presentation Transcript
web development on your smartphone

Yes. That's right! You can do web development tasks on your smartphones

with the help of the available mobile applications. For the developers who are

crazy about coding on the move, mobile apps for development will be the

perfect bet. Using mobile apps for developing web applications is now

becoming a habit of many developers as they don't have to carry a heavy

laptop wherever they go. There are lots of apps available on the iOS App Store

and Android Play Store that are sure to impress the developers and here we

display the top 5 useful Android apps for web application development.

920 Text Editor

Webmaster HTML Editor

WordPress for Android

kWS - Android Web Server

Hacker's Keyboard

Web development on your Smartphone

1 920 text editor

There are many text editors available on the Play Store, but nothing can be the

920 Text Editor comparatively. It is proven to be quick and clean and sure to

offer convenient viewing and editing experience while on the go. The major

and distinctive features of this text editor are:

Support web languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and lot more

Comes with configurable color coding for ease of use

Like the desktop text editor, it supports multiple tabs options

Equipped with session handling

1. 920 Text Editor

2 webmaster html editor

2. Webmaster HTML Editor

Being a pocket-friendly HTML editior, the Webmaster HTML Editor is the

developer/designer's favorite source code editor for coding on the go. It is

equipped with webmaster tools like HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript editor.

Also, support multiple text codings such as Chinese, Japan, Cyrillic, Western

and Central Europe. Other features of Webmaster HTML Editor are syntax

highlighting for HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript files, virtual keys for tags and

offers popular keyphrases for editing HTML, CSS stylesheets, PHP and

JavaScript files.

Supports file types like htm, html, html5, jss, dhtml, php, php3, txt, xml and lot more.

3 wordpress for android

3. WordPress for Android

WordPress is leading the race of the world's most widely user Content

Management System (CMS) and many of the modern websites are being

developed using WordPress. For the WordPress developers, this app acts as

a surprise package as they can perform their development tasks while on the

go. It offers features to help the users write, edit and publish content. This

useful app also allows the user to see stats, manage comments, update profile

information and do lot more.

This Android app supports and site running on

WordPress 3.5 and higher. Same as the CMS, this app is also open sourced.

4 kws android web server

4. kWS - Android Web Server

kWS - Android Web Server is a distinctive basic server that runs on Android

devices. It might be the basic web server but is lightweight and fast when

compared with other web servers as it loads pages in no time through the local

Wifi network. This web server implements HTTP - 1.0 and is suitable for

hosting all files like the typical web server. It cannot be used for running the

website permanently but comes handy when you would like to test something

while you are not near your laptop.

5 hacker s keyboard

5. Hacker's Keyboard

Nothing is wrong with the present Android keyboard or the available thrid-party

keyboards but those keywords are not designed keeping the developers in

mind. To fill the gap, Hacker's Keyboard was developed as it offers 5 rows of

desktop-like keyboards with all the functionalities that a developer needs.

Some of the major features of this wonderful keyboard are:

  • Comes with multiple layouts for ease of use
  • Has language options for global adaptability
  • Equipped with function keys for a complete use.