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3 tips any top Content Agency in India should tell you PowerPoint Presentation
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3 tips any top Content Agency in India should tell you

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3 tips any top Content Agency in India should tell you - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about '3 tips any top Content Agency in India should tell you' - JustwordsConsultants

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With the ever changing algorithms of Google and

the changes in SEO, if there is one thing about

content creation that we should keep in mind it is

this – search engines need quality content. This

basically means, if you pay attention to your content

then Google will pay attention to it, and that will

translate into more visitors and traffic.


The words ‘content is king’ stands even taller now.

Each piece of content should be written in a way

that it tells a story, shares some information and

adds some value for the reader. Any content agency

in India worth its salt will vouch for the fact that

keyword stuffing is a thing of the past.


Any one still doing it is digging their own grave on

Google land. So let’s us hear from the best content

writing agencies what are the most important things

that matter when it comes to content creation.


Go ahead and outsource your content but before

doing that, think what sort of content you need

written; what sort of content will sync with your

target audience, what is the sort of content that your

consumer will like to read? And most importantly,

what are you trying to achieve with your content?


You can take a look at your competitors and identify

that unique content angle that can make a

connection with your audience. For every post or

article, you can include the content objectives, so

that it is easier to find the right angle for your

content. Your content, suggests every leading

content agency in India, should actually position

your company or your brand as a thought leader.


They should create brand awareness among your

audience which can further nurture relationships.

And lastly, every piece of content should have

authentic value.


Whether you are hiring a content writing agency or

planning to do in-house content, you must ensure

one thing; the content must have value and be

original. Think about all sorts of issues that your

target audience can face in their professional and

personal lives; the content must feature some unique

ideas that can help your audience.


The write-up must contain some actionable content;

write the article as if you are trying to solve problems

of your audience. By doing this, you will be pulling

your readers to your content instead of pushing

them your content.


Each piece of content you produce must have your

unique style and voice. You can take inspiration from

skilled writers till you find your own voice. Think

about five content writers whose style you mostly

enjoy reading; and try to imitate their style in your

write-ups. After you have written five different pieces,

try to figure out that one singular style which closely

resembles your personality.


Each creative professional goes through various

phases; first you imitate, then you master your style

and finally you innovate. Remember always to be


It is time to brush up your basics for content writing;

because once your basics are right, you can never go

wrong with your blog or article!


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