know the difference between rain umbrella n.
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Know the Difference Between Rain Umbrella & Sun Umbrella PowerPoint Presentation
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Know the Difference Between Rain Umbrella & Sun Umbrella

Know the Difference Between Rain Umbrella & Sun Umbrella

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Know the Difference Between Rain Umbrella & Sun Umbrella

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  1. Know the Difference Between Rain Umbrella & Sun Umbrella

  2. Umbrellas Guideline Rain and sun umbrellas have been in use for more than 3000 years now. The need to protect and shade from the rain and sun, respectively reach back to the Stone Age. Other than this basic ancient need, the other practical purposes including marketing and promotions have been on the rife too, being a profitable advertising solution for the brands.

  3. Umbrella Our Mission and Vision The word umbrella comes from Umbra in Latin, meaning shade or shadow. In the beginning of the 16th century, the word and use of umbrella became popular in the western world.

  4. Rain Umbrella Rain umbrellas are used as a tool to shield from the rain and snow. An umbrella consists of a circular canopy of cloth wrapped on a metal frame with a central rod. They are generally made of greased paper, oiled or plastic cloth. Also, the fabric is stretchable while other materials and threads are used as a skeleton. It is lifted with hands as a tool to block the rain. Other uses of rain umbrellas include marketing promotions, decorations, crutches, and many more.

  5. Sun Umbrella As the name implies, sun umbrellas are used to protect from direct intense sunlight. These umbrellas are also known as parasols meaning for sun in Spanish. They are smaller in size, dainty in appearance and light in weight than rain umbrellas. They are made up of thick fabric. Other than the basic purpose, these umbrellas have special Anti-Ultraviolet coating to prevent ray penetration due to the sun exposure. These umbrellas have double thickness canopy and the top is coated with layers of high-tech gum serving to block 99% of the rays.

  6. Difference Between the Sun and Rain Umbrella 3 Weight 1 Purpose 4Appearance 2 Materials

  7. Purpose Parasol or sun umbrella is mainly used in Summer when the scorching heat of the sun irritates us. These umbrellas can block the sun and prevent skin burning, playing a protective role for our overall face and health.As mentioned above, it shields us from the unprotected and harmful UV rays.

  8. Weight Parasols are light in weight while rain umbrellas are slightly heavier. The rain umbrellas come with a waterproof and protective canopy made of high-quality fabric which makes it heavy. However, it is good enough in texture and can protect you from downpour way longer.

  9. Materials The materials of the fabric also differentiate. The rain umbrella has a thick waterproof fabric so that it can resist the winds and heavy rainfall effects. Unlike this umbrella, parasol’s fabric is thinner with Anti-UV coating high-tech layers, blocking 99% of the UV-rays effect. This is why, both types of umbrellas cannot be mixed involving different materials.

  10. Appearance The parasols have a dainty appearance while rain umbrellas have a simple look. Due to different usages, parasols look more beautiful because it is made keeping ultra-violet coating in view and its working. On the other hand, the rain umbrella focuses on the rain and wind more, making it look more traditional in appearance.

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