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Justin Krashefski Experienced in Protecting Lives PowerPoint Presentation
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Justin Krashefski Experienced in Protecting Lives

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Justin Krashefski Experienced in Protecting Lives
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Justin Krashefski Experienced in Protecting Lives

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  1. During his childhood in south Florida, Justin Krashefski grew up with an overwhelming sense of patriotism for his country. As he grew older, his patriotism developed from mere adoration for his country to a determination to serve it. After graduating high school, he joined the United States Coast Guard in 2001. Justin Krashefski: Experienced in Protecting Lives

  2. While in the Coast Guard, Krashefski was expected to perform rigorous daily workouts, and his childhood spent playing sports and working out proved particularly useful. He also excelled in the classroom during his basic training, quickly learning the duties expected of him and the processes through which he protected his country.

  3. After five years spent overseas protecting his country, Justin Krashefski returned stateside to his home in south Florida. Still wanting to serve his country, he decided to pursue a more local career that would keep him closer to home, choosing to enter the police force. When he began studying to become a police officer in 2005, Krashefski once again found success in the classroom, applying his pervious training in the Coast Guard to his Police Academy coursework. His Coast Guard training not only proved useful in the classroom, but his physical fitness training was also beneficial in the physical training aspect of his law enforcement education. The following year he took a position with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, working to protect the people in his own community.

  4. In 2010, after four years serving on the FLPD, Krashefski parted ways with the police force, choosing to shift his focus from his passion for his country’s safety to his love for fitness. The fitness and nutrition plans Krashefski utilized during his time in law enforcement not only left him in excellent shape, but also left him feeling compelled to teach the same fitness strategies to others.

  5. Realizing the potential to develop a career from his physicality, he began to pursue certification as a personal trainer. In addition to his work helping his clients lose weight and tone their bodies, Krashefski also wanted to help them increase the length of their lives. He realized that physical workouts were only half of his healthy lifestyle and that he also benefitted from healthy nutrition.

  6. Wanting to learn more about nutrition and the internal aspects of physical fitness, he enrolled in Florida Atlantic University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Once he earns his degree, he plans to open a fitness studio to teach clients not only how to lose weight, but how to maintain a nutritious diet plan.

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