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Blockchain App Factory - Blockchain in Agriculture Industry

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Blockchain App Factory - Blockchain in Agriculture Industry

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  1. Blockchain’s Path Breaking Impact on the Agriculture Industry

  2. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a distributed transaction ledger. The ledgers contains transaction details, record and information called blocks. The blocks are tamper-proof, i.e. they are hard to alter or hack.

  3. Why Blockchain For Agriculture? Blockchain offers a single source of legitimacy about state of your farm and inventory. Blockchain can help minimize the strain of record keeping and maintain multiple record system. Blockchain technology helps save time and energy in the agriculture value chain.

  4. Applications of Blockchain in Agriculture Blockchain helps big food chains save millions of dollars through accountability, traceability, and quality of the food. Blockchain helps food industries avoid product duplication and adulteration through product traceability. Blockchain helps create a competitive edge for brands battling in the FMCG space.

  5. Some other Applications in Agriculture Blockchain can help solve agriculture supply chains biggest problem with logistics. Blockchain can play a central role in the smart logistics network of the future. Blockchain can help farmers keep a real-time picture of the status of the machinery through machinery maintenance records.

  6. Blockchain – The Saviour Blockchain can provide an efficient supply of products, fair pricing and improved product tracking. Blockchain can help in monitoring, quantifying and controlling the risks throughout agriculture process. The Blockchain App Factory offers tailor made blockchain solutions to suit your business needs.

  7. Touch With Blockchain App Factory Address : Prestige Palladium Bayan 5th floor,  129-140, Greams Road,  Thousand Lights West, Chennai,  Tamil Nadu 600006. Mail : info@blockchainappfactory.com Mobile : +91 638 266 5366 Skype : james_25587 Website : www.blockchainappfactory.com

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