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Internet marketing service PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet marketing service

Internet marketing service

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Internet marketing service

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  1. CRE MARKETING GROUP – A Joshua Lyons Marketing Company – DEVELOPMENT – SEO – CONTENT

  2. SUBSCRIBE Subscribe OUR SERVICES Name * Name AN EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE TAILORED TO Email * YOUR BUSINESS Email SUBSCRIBE CONTACT WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Our team will construct an up-to-date, clean, and concise website that clearly reflects what you do and speaks to the right target audience.

  3. SEO We use our expertise in the marketing field to help your business rise to the top of the relevant search engines most used by your target demographic. CONTENT CREATION From page to page substance to social media upkeep to blog development, we know exactly what it takes to keep your content relevant and beneficial to your clients. BLOG OUR LATEST POSTS t of this Many website owners You could say search When you first begin to Blogs a

  4. How to d Blog Why Are My Google Rankings Getting Worse? What Exactly Are Keywords for SEO? How to Have an Effective Website Should Y Bl engine optimization (SEO) is not possible without understanding keywords. For the most part, that would be true. But, once you understand what keywords are, how to select keywords for your SEO strategy and how to implement the keywords, then you will be able to strategically improve your website rankings on search … develop your website it can seem like a daunting task. Making sure your website is effective is very important so you don’t waste time or money. Having a website is a great way to increase credibility for your company and to help potential customers become aware that you exist. In … important th get credit fo not realize provides m benefits. your blo monetary monetary v you have a a great que post will ho you find the need! If yo to explain good blog I’ve to write a post, at search oogle are l visually hat I’m 1. You You’re Do … make a very strong point to improve their Google rankings. They actively implement best practices for SEO and expect their rankings to improve. They are successful and their rankings do steadily climb. Everything seems good, and then their rankings suddenly drop! Why is this? Why do website rankings on Google sometimes drop … ore Read More Read Read More Read More

  5. TESTIMONIALS The team at Joshua Lyons Marketing goes above and beyond to ensure you are receiving top notch service. We take the time to work with each client one-on-one to better understand their individual needs so we can provide them the best possible returns on their marketing investment. Don’t take our word for it; hear it instead straight from our satisfied clients. Joseph Leccese Commercial Sales Associate at Coldwell Banker Commercial anie Gilbert te Agent at Sperry Van Ness Justin Lang Managing Direct I am pleased to recommend d blogging before Resource Joshua Lyons Marketing, ined our team. My results orien LLC company. The team were inconsistent in with Joshua provides subject matter nd topic. We thought for nearly expertise in SEO, website

  6. ting something out ‹ development, comprehensive have been have cr › was enough to get digital marketing strategies, the results J on from prospects. implementation & more. If at Josh has shown you want results contact commerc the right way, I see them for analysis and action company. W were just creating plan. as a small noise and… with Josh, h View More relatio Vie  OUR PHILOSOPHY At Joshua Lyons Marketing, we believe relationships with our clients should be built upon trust, honesty and integrity. We know how hard you’ve worked to build your company and for that reason, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality content at a fair price that offers a significant value of return on your initial marketing investment. We won’t stop working until we know you’re satisfied, making us the obvious choice when it comes to a marketing partnership. CONTACT

  7. CONTACT Name Email Phone Promo Website URL Details SEND

  8. OUR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE (CRE) CLIENTS We work with clients from all industry backgrounds, from home improvement companies to health and wellness practitioners, restaurants, real estate agents, online business journals, and more. Approximately half of our clients are in the CRE industry. These clients range from individual brokers to international CRE organizations. Below is a sample of some of the CRE clients we have worked with:-

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