joseph f rafidi is a volunteer score counselor n.
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Joseph F. Rafidi Is A Volunteer SCORE Counselor PowerPoint Presentation
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Joseph F. Rafidi Is A Volunteer SCORE Counselor

Joseph F. Rafidi Is A Volunteer SCORE Counselor

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Joseph F. Rafidi Is A Volunteer SCORE Counselor

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  1. Joseph F. Rafidi Is A Volunteer SCORE Counselor

  2. Joseph F. Rafidi is a retired attorney who currently helps the customers in improving their credit score by counseling them about various credit issues. Many people are not able to avail loan facilities due to bad credit score and even in spite of paying all their credits, they get trapped in a credit scam. Joseph helps such clients repair their credit score and be eligible for obtaining loans. Along with offering consultations for credit scores, he is also a volunteer SCORE counselor or mentor who helps people start or grow their businesses. He has recently started Presidential Business Services to help people increase their business credit score and funding resources, start their own business, grow and expand their business.

  3. A SCORE mentor provides valuable advice for any business needs at no cost or at very low fee. They help any new or established business reach customers and achieve their targets. SCORE, headquartered in Herndon, VA, is a nonprofit organization that helps small businesses start off, grow and expand their business operations by mentor ship and knowledge. This association is rendering its services for over half a century and is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). It is run by more than 12,000 volunteers. The association offers volunteers like Joseph F. Rafidi to counsel people in person or through Email. The mentors share their expertise and offer free business tools, templates and tips. Joseph F. Rafidi helps entrepreneurs start business and achieve success in their existing business and in this way he passes on his knowledge to the business persons in the community.

  4. Joseph F. Rafidi completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Youngstown State University, Ohio and later on he did his Juries Doctorate from prestigious Thomas M Cooley Law College and started his own boutique law firm in Youngstown. After successfully running the law firm for a considerable period he retired and started his counseling services to guide people about correcting their credit scores. He is quite active politically and was elected a member to the Youngstown School Board in 1975 and was also elected a delegate to the National Democratic Convention later on.