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Dog playpens to tackle dog snoring PowerPoint Presentation
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Dog playpens to tackle dog snoring

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Dog playpens to tackle dog snoring
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Dog playpens to tackle dog snoring

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  1. Dog playpens to tackle dog snoring

  2. The sound of snoring is not easy on the ears at all; and when it comes from your sleeping dog, it certainly becomes a thing to worry about. The snoring of a dog is not only annoying, but also indicative of a serious health problem. Although there might be various factors contributing to a snoring problem, the general conclusion you can reach when you find your dog snoring is that it is suffering from a blocked nose. According to veterinarians, a snoring dog should not be taken lightly at all. The most common causes of snoring in dogs are as follows.

  3. Rhinitis Dogs are prone to respiratory infections and allergies which might cause inflammation in their nasal tissues. This situation is termed rhinitis, which gives rise to a tendency to snore. Although the infection subsides within a week, it might demand treatment if it does not show any sign of abating even after a week.

  4. Fungal Infection Fungal infection caused by mold on humid days might be a cause of snoring. Such infection, if left untreated, might take an ugly turn towards other serious diseases. However, such a situation can be prevented by maintaining extra caution during rainy days. To avoid a mold infestation, the dog should be clothed in clean apparel and dog carriers and beds should be kept tidy and dry.

  5. Foreign bodies A blocked nose can also be caused by the accidental inhalation of a foreign body. It is a problem common to young dogs, who might inhale small pieces of dog toys, blocking their nose. This makes it imperative for you to consult a veterinarian if your dog suddenly starts snoring while sleeping. Moreover you must keep dog playpens and other playing spaces de-cluttered enough to prevent such situation.

  6. Obesity This is undoubtedly a universal cause of snoring, which does not discriminate between man and dog. Obesity blocks up the trachea rings, making it difficult for your dog breathe when it is lying down, resulting in snoring. Needless to say, obesity must be controlled as it causes a wide range of health problems.

  7. Breed characteristic An inadvertent cause of snoring is your dog’s breed. Short-nosed breeds have a natural tendency to snore while sleeping. However, the aforementioned causes might aggravate the sound of snoring, which a dog owner must be able to notice. Any change in the volume or frequency of your short-nosed dog’s snoring should be taken seriously.

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