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Four Technology Trends that Manufacturing companies cannot Ignore PowerPoint Presentation
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Four Technology Trends that Manufacturing companies cannot Ignore

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Four Technology Trends that Manufacturing companies cannot Ignore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Four Technology Trends that Manufacturing companies cannot Ignore

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  1. Company Profile Trigent is an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and the offshore software development business. For nearly 20 years we have helped hundreds of customers balance their cost-performance parameters for IT projects via sustainable, long term relationships with Trigent. Our hybrid engagement model is designed to leverage the best of US and India so that our customers are the ultimate beneficiaries.

  2. Introduction Economic growth in 2016 has been showing positive ripples in 2016 Due to recession is cautious and companies are only taking calculated risks.  Trend, related to technology innovations, has the power to change the face of this sedate segment for ever. So the question arises how does a manufacturing company decide which technology innovation to adapt and which to ignore for the moment?

  3. Thumb Rule To Ask Questions: Will technology have a positive impact on my business? If yes, will it help to bring down costs, increase productivity? And, will the whole process of change be non-disruptive to the existing business?

  4. Internet of Things (IoT) Connected factory is not a new idea It is now leveraging the web to link machines and humans to better performance. Iot technology leads to better quality products, better connected workplaces and smarter solutions to address the needs of next-gen customers.

  5. ROBOTICS PwC in a recent report ‘2016 industrial manufacturing trends‘ confirms China emerged as an automated manufacturing powerhouse. Increased labor costs Booming industrial demand drove tremendous growth in industrial robotics. Number of shipments of industrial robots in china roughly doubled to an estimated 75,000 in 2015. With that number forecast to double yet again to 150,000 by 2018, according to the international federation of robotics.

  6. Augmented Reality IT adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world .  Natural step forward for manufacturing companies . It can now deliver real-time information and guidance to floor workers. Devices with augmented reality can help guide workers on the floor as they perform complex tasks  It is as close to natural as humanly possible and makes sense for large manufacturing units.

  7. Cloud ERP Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing, and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style. It includes human capital management so a floor manager can view resource availability.  The cloud remains connected to the plant providing real time production information. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time using any mobile device. Up-to-date knowledge and visibility translate into optimized production and preventive maintenance. The cloud provides unprecedented visibility it is easier to plan delivery and customer satisfaction is a direct outcome of this effort.

  8. Conclusion Their applicability and suitability to an organization remains within the context of the specific needs of an organization and this can best be recommended by technology experts.