lightning safety tips and measures for every industry n.
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Lightning Safety Tips And Measures For Every Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Lightning Safety Tips And Measures For Every Industry

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Lightning Safety Tips And Measures For Every Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lightning and quickly moving power surges can instantly bring down sensitive electronic systems of your business. Fortunately, through the application of lightning safety tips, guidelines and public awareness, the majority of lightning damage can be avoided. Manufacturig and installing lightning protection system and surge protection devices are specialities of Lightning Eliminators. LEC is a specialist in design, manufacturing, supply, installation, test, and inspection of lightning protection system as well as offering end-user lightning safety training. Know more about lightning safety tips:

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lightning safety

The insurance industry experiences an average of $15 billion in losses annually due to lightning-related damage. Sophisticated electronics are dominating the machinery while bigger and more expensive is the norm. every industry has valuable equipment, important information, carry out many critical functions and have lots of people working for them.

lightning safety work

Every employee deserves a safe work environment. Most manufacturing units are replete with items such as tall metal towers, scaffolding, metal pipes, phone lines, fences that carry electric current and water, which are more likely to be struck by lightning. Business can now receive industrial lightning safety tips and measures in form of lightning and surge protection products

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  • We strive to serve our customers diligently, responsibly and swiftly in all their lightning safety and protection matters.
  • Collect on-site data, analyze and determine the level of risk to prioritize lightning safety recommendations and improvements works.
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