lightning rod protection n.
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Commercial Lightning Rod Protection PowerPoint Presentation
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Commercial Lightning Rod Protection

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Commercial Lightning Rod Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our lightning protection rods will protect you, your family, and your workers stay safe from strikes. whether your needs are residential or business, we will install an inexpensive, effective, durable structure that needs very little maintenance and does so much for several components of your building. Still have questions about how our company can help? Lightning Eliminators has all the answers! Visit us online here:

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Commercial Lightning Rod Protection

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lightning rod protection


lightning rods

lightning rods, also known as air terminals are designed to be the strike receptor that carries the electric currents away from the protected area into the earth. It works on Charge Transfer Technology, wherein it interrupts the formation of upward streamers through point discharge.

spline ball ionizer

SBI is lightweight, easy to install and all construction are stainless steel and UL listed. This lightning protection rod uses the same technology as DAS, however, it’s designed to be modular and smaller than the DAS, to reduce cost and is about 30% superior to a conventional lightning protection rod.

spline ball terminal

SBT is best used for office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial structures. SBT works on a hybrid technology. It prevents a lightning strike and collects the rest and grounds them more reliably.

This air terminal can either be a direct replacement for standard lightning protection rods or be retrofitted into existing lightning rod bases.

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