choosing the services of lawyers cyprus n.
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Choosing the services of lawyers Cyprus

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Choosing the services of lawyers Cyprus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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choosing the services of lawyers cyprus

Choosing the services of lawyers Cyprus

There are many situations in which the services of lawyers Cyprus are required. Commercial

and residential clients likewise often face cases when they need legal support. Perhaps you are

planning of expanding your business on the island or you want to move and live with the entire

family here. Regardless of your needs, finding the right law firm Cyprus is essential.

Lawyers Cyprus need to have a lot of experience in the field to be trustworthy and

knowledgeable. Nothing compares with the level of expertise that these professionals have.

Some of them cater the needs of commercial clients, being able to assist with auditing services,

taxation, payroll services, financial disputes, finance law, litigation, company formation and a lot

more. At least this is the case of Kaimakliotis & Co, you can count on the law firm for any

tailored legal services. They are already representing clients from the Middle East and Eastern

Europe, so they have experience with all sorts of scenarios.

A law firm Cyprus that respects itself values clients and offers professionalism at every step, is

transparent and uses all their resources to find the right solutions. Kaimakliotis & Co knows how

to deal with clients, being able to respond to various needs. Commercial clients that plan on

opening a business in Cyprus are facing many challenges, as there are many regulations to keep

count of. No one knows legal requirements better than lawyers that are established in Cyprus and

which have years of experience in the field. They can make sure the process is smooth and

stress-free and lawyers are able to guide clients in all matters, from start to finish, until the

company is well established. Of course, even afterwards collaboration continues, if desired, as

the law firm is specialized in payroll and accounting.

On the other hand, individuals that want to obtain residency in Cyprus need to know the

implications, what steps are required, costs implied, how long is the procedure and more. Many

people want to move to Cyprus with their families and start a new life on the island. It is

understandable considering the vast opportunities. The application procedure last about two

months and the applicant needs to apply for the entire family. If you have the support of lawyers

and they are taking care of everything, you don’t even have to be in the country during


It is one thing to do everything on your own and another to have a team of experts by your side.

Lawyers will guide you through the process and mention which is the most secure path. The

application is examined by the Civil Registry and Migration Department and along with it, a fee

of €500 has to be paid. Once the application is successful, the actual permit is obtained by

visiting the island. All family members need to be present in order to receive the permits. EU

citizens are not required to have a visa to be able to visit Cyprus and they can easily obtain the

residence permit by registering.




( ) . This law firm Cyprus ( )

is highly specialized in all areas of expertise.