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Flooring store Austin TX PowerPoint Presentation
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Flooring store Austin TX

Flooring store Austin TX

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Flooring store Austin TX

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  1. Are you looking for the ideal, durable and long lasting solution for your wood flooring needs? We have gathered it all under one place. You will not only get the best and the renowned wooden flooring brands from our company, but we also provide service for installation and fixing of all kinds of eminent wood flooring brands, including both the solid as well as laminating wooden flooring. Wooden Flooring is a long term investment, so it needs to be firm, sturdy and durable. It has been notified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) that the value of the houses having wood flooring increases as they are usually sold quickly at higher prices. Our company is proud to own a team of the best expert and professional craftsmen in the wood flooring industry. They will serve you with their exceptional services and attention which is the prerequisite for the installation of wood flooring. Installation of Hard Wood Flooring Hard Wooden Floors are a lifetime investment if their installation is done with proper care and techniques. The modes of installing the solid wood strips, parquet and engineered wooden strips are different and varied. One thing which is common and essential for all types of installation is moisture

  2. testing. The whole process of installation can be difficult and you may feel that your home is a total mess, but we ensure you that we will leave your place more lovely and enchanting than before. Our team of expert technicians and craftsmen has witnessed and have hands on experience with every type of hardwood flooring installation with proficiency and hard work. Nail Down or Staple Installation In this process of wood flooring installation, the solid or the engineered wooden strips are nailed down or stapled to the sub-flooring (which is generally a plank or plywood). Random Length strips are arranged to the floor and before that some of the strips are placed down and organized which ensure the proper tightness and arrangement. Glue Down wooden Installation

  3. In this process of installation, the engineered wooden strips or parquet is directly glued to the subfloor. Most of the time during this installation, significant attention is paid to the moisture as the sub-floor is of concrete. To avoid any kind of allergies or sensitivity to smell, we make use of acrylic based glue for this type of installation which is milder than the other glue options. Furniture and house things can be moved in and you can walk on this flooring, just on the next day. Floating wooden installation In this process of installation the tongue and groove of each plank are glued together and the wooden floor is fixed over the foam cushioned padding. If the floor possesses the system of locking then the pieces can be locked without the use of glue. You can use this process with both engineered and laminate flooring but in either case the flooring will remain pre-finished. Unlike the other two flooring types, this installation can be done on the subfloor of marginal quality and it works well with the multiple flooring layers. The most important factor to consider in the floating wooden flooring is the wear layer because you can have it refinished more times if the wear layer is thicker. If you use it with laminate flooring, it will feel hollow under your feet. Besides more expansion area is required for this type of flooring because it contracts and expands due to the fusion of the wooden pieces. Unfinished flooring

  4. This type of flooring requires installing, staining( if required), sanding and finishing and is much more labour intensive and time consuming. But you can attain your desired color, shine level,grade and design through this process. Mostly this flooring is available in red or white oak, but we can also provide you other exotic species for customized orders. If you custom order, we can provide you with Standard 2-1/4” or 3-1/4” wide strips or with the exclusive planks in widths from 3” up to 8” along with Herringbone/Chevron patterns. We offer you an exquisite range of custom selection according to your taste and desires. PreFinished Flooring This type of flooring has already been furnished at the factory and is ready for the installation. It can be installed and can be ready for use in as quick as in one day time. You do not need to wait for the flooring to settle or for the finishing to dry. We offer you the best and trustworthy brands in the wooden flooring including Mirage, Bruce, Armstrong, Somerset, Preverco, Kahrs, Homerwood, Indusparquet and many others. In addition to this we offer you the finest and the most exciting foreign variety which includes cherry, mahogany, walnut, maple, hickory and the list is endless. If you are looking for wooden flooring for your basement or some unconventional sort of flooring installations, then engineered glue-down flooring or floating flooring is the ideal options which will add sophistication, elegance and warmth to your place. Medallions/Borders/Parquets/Wooden Vents Looking for an additional style and glamour to add to your wooden flooring, add up embellished borders, brilliant, picturesque medallion or Square, triangular, or other geometric-shaped parquet flooring to give a captivating look to your entire place. Make use of our range of distinctive wood floor vents which are customized to fit your requirements.

  5. Types of Hard Wood flooring There can be many different and glamorous colors of hardwood flooring, but the hardwood is only of two types; 1.Engineered hardwood flooring which is fixed with criss cross ply exhibiting the hardwood on its top. 2. Solid ​hardwood flooring​ without the criss cross ply as its base. Common Hardwood Species There are various species of hardwood that exists all across the globe. In U. S., the most common are Maple, Hickory Floors and Oak Floors which are a common form of un-finished wooden planks. Some

  6. of the softer American species include Walnut and Birch. American Walnut wooden floors are different from Brazilian Walnuts. Exotic hardwoods such as Brazilian Cherry and Walnut hardwoods are famous for their hardness on the surface due to their high ranking on the Janka Scale. Some other types of flooring are considered renewable such as Cork and Bamboo. You can find a large number of other kinds of hardwoods in our display room. We invite you to visit Austin's friendliest, for examining some of our recommended brands -------------------------- Brands to Consider: ● mohawk wood floors ● armstrong wood floors ● bella cerra hand carved plank ● Armstrong, Bella Cera, Bruce, Mullican, Mannington, Mirage, Anderson, Ecotimber, Johnson Hardwoods, Earthwerks, Hartco, Kahrs, Lauzon, LM Flooring, Scandian, Mohawk, Shaw Flooring Industries and more. ------------------------------ Prices per square feet for hardwoods and installation services We offer you many different price ranges to fit your budget, which starts from $2.50 a square foot on up to $7-8.00 a sq. ft. We provide you with the best and most competitive prices on the top-notch quality brands as compared to the other retailers in the locality. Our prices for hardwood flooring installation generally start from $2.00 installation per square foot base cost. We also offer economical wooden flooring repair services. Johnson Fine Floors installation services are offered in these areas: All of Austin, TX and its surrounding areas such as Bee Caves, Westlake Hills, Round Rock, Lakeway, Georgetown, Buda, Sun City, Manor, Cedar Park, Creedmoor, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Leander, Sunset Valley, Rollingwood, Kyle, Hutto and Elgin Texas. What is Janka Scale?

  7. It is a metal ball test which is used for the determination of the extent of damage to the wood. It determines how hard the wooden flooring for use is. You can see the Janka Chart given below for viewing the difference; -------------------------------- ● African Pearwood/Moabi 3680 psi ● African Rosewood/ Bubigna 1980 psi ● African Walnut/ Sappele 1500 psi ● Amendoim 1912 psi ● American Maple 1450 psi ● Australian Cypress 1375 psi ● Bamboo 1650 psi ● Bloodwood 2900 psi ● Bolivian Cherry 3650 psi ● Brazilian Cherry 2820 psi ● Brazilian Ebony 3692 psi ● Brazilian Maple 1500 psi ● Brazilian Redwood 3190 psi ● Brazilian Rosewood 3000 psi ● Brazilian Teak 3540 psi ● Brazilian Walnut/ Ipe 3680 psi ● Cameron 1543 psi ● Caribbean Heart Pine 1240 psi ● Caribbean Rosewood 2920 psi ● Caribbean Walnut 1400 psi ● Doussie 1770 psi ● Hickory/ Pecan 1820 psi ● Jarrah 2080 psi ● Kempas 1710 psi ● Lapacho 3640 psi ● Merbau 1925 psi ● Padouk/ African Cherry 1725 psi ● Patagonian Rosewood 2920 psi ● Purple Heart 2090 psi ● Red Oak 1290 psi

  8. Royal Mahogany 1400 psi ● Santos Mahogany 2200 psi ● Sydney Blue/ Gum 2025 psi ● Tiete Chestnut 3540 psi ● Tiete Rosewood 3280 psi ● Tigerwood 2160 psi ● Timborana 1570 psi ● White Oak 1360 psi ● Wongo 1630 ● Zebrawood 1575 psi Consider the following when you buy the wooden Planks; ● Size of your room or place. Wooden flooring looks better in larger rooms as compared to those having smaller places. ● Price of the wooden planks. It is better to choose the narrow planks as it will cost you around $7.50 installed while the wider planks will cost you around $15 square foot or even more when installed. Flooring Store Austin TX Flooring Store Articles Flooring Store Photos Flooring Store Videos Tile Flooring Tile Flooring: ​ Hardwood Flooring: ​ Johnson Fine Floors Storefront: ​