educate yourself on the possible sex crimes n.
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Educate Yourself on the Possible Sex Crimes You May Face PowerPoint Presentation
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Educate Yourself on the Possible Sex Crimes You May Face

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Educate Yourself on the Possible Sex Crimes You May Face - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In recent years, the number of individuals coming forward who have dealt with sexual harassment in the workplace, at school, at home, etc.

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educate yourself on the possible sex crimes

Educate Yourself on the Possible Sex Crimes You May Face

In recent years, the number of individuals coming forward who have dealt with sexual

harassment in the workplace, at school, at home, etc. has skyrocketed. While this is

great for those who are currently dealing with these inappropriate behaviors, it can be

difficult for those who may have had a rough past. These types of behaviors are harshly

punished by law, and there is a vast array of sex crimes, some you may not even

realize. If you are facing similar charges, or think you may face them, it is important to

educate yourself.

Though there is a large amount of different offenses that fall under this large umbrella,

they all involve illegal or coerced sexual conduct against another individual. Each state,

including Rhode Island, has laws prohibiting these acts to help protect the victims. Also,

each state has a different statute of limitations against these offenses. If you are

unfamiliar with this, it basically means that the victim of the act will have a specific time

period to file a lawsuit against the offender.

Those who are convicted of any of these charges face harsh consequences. For

example, you may face lengthy prison sentences, fines, loss of employment, and more.

One of the most common punishments is that you will be required to put your name on

the sex offender registration list, which can affect where you live, your future education,

future employment options, areas you can visit, and much more. It can also affect your

reputation for a lifetime and will give many a negative outlook on you before you even


Now that you know more about the basics of sex crimes and some of the

consequences, it is important to educate yourself on some of the things that are

considered part of this category. One thing that many do not realize can result in legal

charges is indecent exposure. Basically, this would be filed against an individual who

exposes their genitals in a public place. This can be both purposefully and accidentally,

such as someone who does such an act while intoxicated or under the influence.

Another charge that you can face that is in the same category is prostitution. Most are

familiar with what this means, but these cases can vary and you may face these

charges without realizing. For example, prostitution encompasses anyone who is

offering or engaging in sexual acts for payment. This can also include those who are

working as escorts, and not necessarily those who are openly soliciting on the street.

of course one of the biggest sex crimes that

Of course, one of the biggest sex crimes that is dealt with each year and one of the

most harshly sentenced is rape. There are many different charges that fall under the

category of rape and the results of these cases can vary greatly depending on the

severity. This is a large problem amongst younger individuals who are being date raped,

facing rape on college campuses, etc. which is why the consequences seem to be

consistently increasing. An even harsher charge is statutory rape which is committed on

an individual who is under the age of consent, usually a minor.

A final charge that you may face, is possibly one of the broadest in the category, is

sexual assault. Basically, this is any unwanted touching of many kinds. This is a catch-

all that you can face for a variety of reasons, whether you do this knowingly or, once

again, while under the influence. Though this can often be a lesser charge, there are

still many consequences that you face with these charges.

Overall, there are several acts that qualify as a sex crime, of all which are extremely

serious and can lead to harsh consequences. If you are facing any of the charges listed

above, or feel that you may face these charges, you should contact a qualified legal

team as quickly as possible.

About Us: Attorney John R. Grasso is an experienced lawyer who serves the Rhode

Island area. With an extensive education in law and experience as a police officer, he

understands the law to the fullest. He has been sworn in as a member of the Bar of the

United States Supreme Court. Attorney Grasso can represent you in a variety of cases,

from misdemeanors to criminal charges. His team of knowledgeable employees will

work diligently to represent you and have your charges lowered or dropped. When you

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