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Magento Social Messenger Module by Knowband PowerPoint Presentation
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Magento Social Messenger Module by Knowband

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Magento Social Messenger Module by Knowband
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Magento Social Messenger Module by Knowband

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  1. MagentoSocial Knowband Messenger Moduleby Ifyouwanttoofferbestsupportandservicetothecustomersonyour website then the Magento Social Messenger modulecan help you. Knowband offers this fully featured Facebook Messenger and Live Chat module which integrates the Facebook messenger on your website. The online store visitors and customers can ask any query and clear their confusions easily just by asking the question directly to the storemerchant. The Magento Social Live Chat Support plugin allows the admin to select the pages on which he wants to display the chat option. The admin can also set the look and feel of the Magento Facebook Messenger Integration. The online store admin can easily implement the functionality without any hassle. The customers can ask their queries without any hesitation. Thus the admin can offer a better customer support on thewebsite.

  2. SalientFeaturesofferedbythisFacebookmessenger • and live chatextension: • Offer live chat support: With the help of this MessengerChat • Module for Magento store, the store admin can offer online chat support on thewebsite. • IntegrateFacebookmessengeronthewebsite:Asastore • admin, you can integrate the Facebook messenger on the website just by entering the facebook app id and pageid. • Easy implementation: This Facebook Messenger and Live Chat plugin is very easy to install, configure anduse. • Look and Feel Management: The Magento Facebook • Messenger Integration plugin allows the store owner to set the messenger theme color for managing its looks andfeel.

  3. Full control over showing the messenger: TheMagento • Facebook Messenger Integration extension allows showing live chat support option on selected pages. If you want to show the messenger live chat option on every page then don’t select any page. • Set Messenger Delay time: The online store admin canalso • enter the delay time if he doesn’t want to show the chat option just after pageload. • AdmincanshowGreetingMessage:Thee-merchantcanset • the greeting message for the logged-in customers and logged-out customers. • User-friendly Interface: This Facebook messenger and livechat • extensionofferauser-friendlyandeasytounderstandinterfaceto thecustomers. • NoCodeChangesrequired:Theonlinestoreadmincanoffer • chatsupporttothecustomerswithoutchangingevenasingleline of code. • Highly Customizable: The Magento Social Live Chat Support • plugin is highly customizable. The admin can apply the settings according to therequirement.

  4. BenefitsofthisFacebookMessengerandLiveChatExtension: • AdmincanofferbetterSupport:Thestoreownercanofferlive • chat support on the website with the help of this Magento Social Messengermodule. • Absolutely simple to implement: The online store admin can implement the functionality without anyhassle. • Increase customers trust: The store owner can increase the customer’s trust by providing live chat service to thecustomers. • Customers can get Immediate Solution: The onlinestore • admin can offer the immediate solution to the store visitors and customers. • There is no need to wait for the solution: The customers can get the resolution without anydelay. • No Hesitation: The online store customers can ask their queries without anyhesitation. • Better customer relationship: The Facebook Messengerand • Live Chat extension helps the admin to create a better customer relationship.

  5. For more Magento extensionsplease visitKnowband. Magento social messenger module Link. Magento live chat support extension UserManual. Magento messenger chat module plugin admin demo link. Knowband Facebook messenger and live chat front demolink. Knowband Messenger livechat video link. Please contact us at support@knowband.comfor any query or custom change request as per your businessrequirement.