preconstruction condos versus existing units shawn gandhi n.
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preconstruction condos versus existing units shawn gandhi


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When you are shopping for a new condo in Mississauga, you will be presented with two general options: Invest in a preconstruction condo or buy an existing home. Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to carefully weigh these in order to determine which purchasing decision will be best for your particular situation. 905.795.1900

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Pros: Preconstruction CondosThere are several new condo construction projects either under way or getting ready to break ground. The main benefit of considering a unit that has not yet been built is it gives you more flexibility in choosing from a variety of floor plans, interior design and décor options, and other features that best reflect your own personal tastes. Plus, everything will be brand new once the unit is finally built and you close on the sale. 905.795.1900

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Pros: Existing CondosWith already-built condos, the main advantage is not having to wait for the unit to be built. Existing homes are also a wise choice for people who want to move into their new home now. You can shop from a variety of homes on the market, some of which are brand new units in several of the newer communities. Once you find the home you like, you can complete the purchasing and closing processes fairly quickly in most cases. 905.795.1900

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Cons: Preconstruction CondosThe main disadvantage of preconstruction units is having to wait for them to be built. In some cases, the builder has not even broken ground on the project and it may be a year or longer before your unit will be built. 905.795.1900

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There is also the risk the project could be delayed past the original anticipated time frame for when your new home would be completed. However, your Mississauga real estate agent can help ensure you have protection clauses in place to protect your interests should this occur. 905.795.1900

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Cons: Existing CondosOne disadvantage of existing condos is most have already been lived in by someone else. In older units, it is even possible the unit is being sold by the second or third owner. Another drawback is related to the age of the unit and community and the amount of work required to make the home your own. Although, you could get a great bargain on the home and have the power to negotiate a lower sales prices. 905.795.1900

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As you can see, preconstruction and existing condos both have their benefits and drawbacks. Other things to consider while shopping real estate listings in Square One and throughout the GTA are: 905.795.1900

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1. How Much Home You Can Afford2. Amenities Offered by the Condo 3. Community4. Convenience to Shopping, Dining, Parks, 5. Entertainment, and Public Transport 905.795.1900

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To check out the current real estate listings for both preconstruction and existing condos, feel free to contact me, Square One real estate agent, Shawn Gandhi at 905.795.1900 today. I have an extensive knowledge of the condominium market and will do everything I can to satisfy your needs and help you find your new home!Source:- 905.795.1900