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  1. 5/3/2018 List of Companies Using Heroku, Market Share and Customers List  Home Contact Us Company Our Solutions Marketing Data Resources    Heroku Customers List Home Cloud Computing Software Heroku Customers List   Heroku Salesforce Heroku is a Cloud Application Platform that lets organizations build, monitor, deliver and scale applications. It is a platform as a service (PaaS) that supports several programming languages used as web application deployment models. Heroku primarily supported Ruby programming language when it was ?rst developed back in 2007, but now supports on almost all the major platforms like Java, Scala, Node.js, Clojure, PHP, Python and Go. Heroku lets developers build, run and scale applications in a very similar manner across all the programming languages and hence is called as a polyglot platform. Heroku provides a higher level of abstraction on top of cloud instances. Its main advantages are that it is easy to start and doesn’t need to deal with the infrastructure. It is a huge saver concerning to time and money for start up’s who don’t want to invest in setting up their con?guration. The scaling is straightforward which can be set up by just specifying the number of processing units. It’s also productive from start to ?nish, where every detail of Heroku is structured and designed to maximize ef?ciency and save developers time. With Elements of Heroku, developers can extend apps with a variety of add-ons from 3rd party cloud services.    29,754 Companies using Heroku    97,684 Total Contacts Available Companies Using Heroku, Market Share & Customers List Heroku Market Share (in %) Amazon AWS Microsoft IBM Google 33% 38% Oracle Alibaba Others 10% 5% 8%  1/5

  2. 5/3/2018 List of Companies Using Heroku, Market Share and Customers List Number of Heroku Customers Based on Different Selects Counts By Country Heroku Customers by Country 333 333 22,068 22,068 Counts By US Region Counts By industry Counts By Revenue Counts By Employees Records Available by Segment 97,684 Total Contacts 97,684 Total Postal Universe 76,534 Total Emails Available 89,364 Total Phone Numbers Need List of Companies Using Heroku for Your Marketin We can provide you the list of companies and executives’ contacts from the same companies.  Please submit your requirement below and we will get in touch with you shortly.! 2/5