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Retail Real Estate Management Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Retail Real Estate Management Services

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Retail Real Estate Management Services
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Retail Real Estate Management Services

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  1. Retailreal estate management services Leasing your commercial estate for retail will require your property management services to provide extra services and be vigilant with them. Here are a few everyday things that they have to take care of.

  2. Cleanliness issues • A property that is leased out to tenants who want to conduct retail business will need special efforts to adhere to the cleanliness and hygiene standards according to the laws and guidelines. This is the case not just because of the multiple tenants and their employees but also because of the customers who will frequent the property. Your real estate management services will need to deploy a dedicated team who will keep areas such as the washrooms, elevators, lobbies, etc. clean. Organizing a cleaning schedule that does not affect the customers and tenants is necessary.

  3. Parking Facilities • Different parking areas have to be allotted for your tenants and their employees and customers who will visit the mall. Assigned areas have to be marked as loading docks which tenants can use to load and unload their merchandise and produce from. Entry and exit points from the premises have to be marked so as to ensure that customers can enter and exit the property without any hassles.

  4. Security and monitoring concerns • An owner of commercial real estate in NYC will need to set-up a security team for the premises. This is extra important in a mall. Planning a room or setting up a station that the security team can work out of is necessary. This location has to be in a discreet place, but the mall has to be accessible to them at all points as well. Regular monitoring is necessary so a schedule has to be implemented for that as well, so as to not intimidate the customers but make them feel safe. Security has to be maintained not just within the premises of the mall but also around it, that includes managing traffic.

  5. Retail space opening and closing • Your real estate management services have to meticulously plan when the mall will open for customers and when for tenants. The accessibility of the mall to tenants has to be clearly mentioned in their rental agreements. Also, instructions about when a tenant can access the mall beyond office hours and what services can they avail should be penned. If a tenant has a weekly requirement of keeping the mall open till late or if a tenant needs access to the parking area, etc. should all be duly noted and arranged for.

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