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My Online Tools and Applications PowerPoint Presentation
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My Online Tools and Applications

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My Online Tools and Applications
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My Online Tools and Applications

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  1. My Online Tools and Applications By Jodi

  2. Tools for Teachers

  3. Engrade Free, Private, Secure Grade book Class management tool 1. Post your grades, assignments, homework 2. Keep track of attendance 3. Students and parents can see grades and find out about missing assignments

  4. Quizinator • Create quizzes that can be accessed and printed from anywhere • Add question • Update questions • Sort and arrange questions • All questions are in your library Free to use

  5. Tools for Students

  6. Mindopia Do you know what you want to be when you leave school? Search this site for career advice, tips and schools View people discussing their career choices Free

  7. PaperRater Before you hand in that paper, get it proofread by experts for free Proofread by linguistics professors and graduate students Check your spelling Check your grammar Check your word choice Make sure you didn’t plagiarize This site helps you improve your writing

  8. Google Sky Have you ever looked up to see what’s in the sky? Now you can with Google Sky You can see it all and it’s free!

  9. Bitstrips Have fun and design your own comic strip. Free

  10. Pixton Comic strips Engaging Interactive Creative Teaches children: To be concise To collaborate Sequencing Allow your children to have fun while learning Safe and secure

  11. Backboard Need feedback on that project you are doing? Go to backboard and upload your project for free. Invite people you want to give you feedback through email Safe and secure Now you’ll be scoring advanced on all those projects!!!

  12. Game Classroom One stop shopping website for educational games For: teachers, parents and students Educational games & worksheet for interactive assignments Created by educators Meets state standards

  13. Soshiku Is this you? Do you want to change? Soshiku is a free website to get you organized. You’ll never be late with assignments again. Soshiku will notify you by email or SMS.

  14. TrackClass Get organized for free Dashboard displays current & overdue assignments, classes, averages and recent notes Assignment page displays current & overdue assignments and grades for completed assignments Reminders sent every fifteen minutes by email or SMS Notes are organized Calendar displays all assignments and exams Files easily track

  15. Teachers and Students

  16. Twiducate Teachers Students Find assignments Share ideas Collaborate in and out of school Connect with teacher Control Network Set log-in code Post assignments Post Homework Share Ideas Keep parents informed

  17. The End