How to Print out Text Messages from iPhone 5C/5S/5/4S/4 on Computer (Windows/Mac) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

2 ways to print out iphone text messages on computer windows mac n.
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How to Print out Text Messages from iPhone 5C/5S/5/4S/4 on Computer (Windows/Mac) PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Print out Text Messages from iPhone 5C/5S/5/4S/4 on Computer (Windows/Mac)

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How to Print out Text Messages from iPhone 5C/5S/5/4S/4 on Computer (Windows/Mac)
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How to Print out Text Messages from iPhone 5C/5S/5/4S/4 on Computer (Windows/Mac)

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  1. 2 Ways to Print out iPhone Text Messages on Computer (Windows/Mac)

  2. Method 1: Print out iPhone SMS History with iPhone to Computer Transfer • Method 2: Print Text Messages from iPhone with iPhone Backup Extractor • Why we need to print out iPhone text messages? • Apple iPhone plays an important role in human communication and makes people's life much easier and comfortable. Calling and sending text messages are two of the most basic communicating ways people use iPhone to contact with others. People like to send short information via text messaging, especially in a noisy environment which is not suitable to make calls. You may have texts from somebody particularly beloved or famous you want to save forever. However, sometimes your iPhone inbox or outbox may run out of space and you have to delete some important messages. Or you just want to backup some special messages so that you can re-read some conversations for reference later.Those are all the reasons why people have the desire to print out their iPhone SMS messages. Then, is it a hard task? No, quite easy, actually!

  3. Which is the best way to print SMS from iPhone 4/4S/5? • Situation 1. The easiest way without any third-party software is to open the SMS you want to print out, take a screenshot on it and send to a wireless iOS-compatible printer. In this way, you can only print out current message page. If you want a full message list, this solution is helpless. To print a complete text message history from your iPhone, you'd better extract it from your iPhone and transfer to your computer. Then, print them out with printer. Skip to solution 2 for details.

  4. Situation 2. In order to print out a full message list, you can get help from two tools. One is Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer, which is a transferring tool to export SMS from iPhone to computer so that you can print them out easily. The other is Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor. It allows you to extract text messages from iPhone 5C/5S/5/4S/4 backup record and with a few steps, and you can effortlessly print your iPhone SMS after that. • Tips: It is obvious that the above methods cannot help you print text messages from Android phones, so if you need to know how to reach it, you can click the above link.

  5. Method 1: Print out iPhone SMS Conversation with iPhone Transfer • Coolmuster iPhone to Computer Transfer enables you to export not only text messages, but also music, photos, videos, voice memos, contacts, TV shows, books, etc. from iPhone to computer. Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer or Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer is specially designed for Mac users. Download the transferring tool from the below button.

  6. 1) Connect iPhone Device to Your computer • Launch the iPhone message transferring tool and connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable. The program will detect your iPhone automatically and display it in the primary window.

  7. 2) Export SMS to Your Computer • Go the left panel where your iPhone contents are categorized and click to open the "Text Message" category. Select the text messages you want to print and press the "Export" button which is located on the top of interface to export the selected messages to your personal computer.

  8. 3) Print iPhone Text messages easily • When the transference finishes, you can go to the output folder to check the exported messages. Connect your computer with a printer and print out these messages immediately. • Related: • How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to PC for Backup • Tips to Transfer or Copy Music from iPhone to Computer

  9. Method 2: Print Messages from iPhone with iPhone Backup Extractor • Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor is professional designed to recover lost data from iPhone by extracting iPhone backup file. That means once you have backed up your iPhone with your iTunes before, you can print out the text messages from iTunes, without using your iPhone. iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac is also available.

  10. Step 1. Scan Your iPhone Backup Files • After downloading and installing the program on your computer, run it and you'll get the interface as follows. Select the iTunes backup files of your iPhone and hit "Start Scan".

  11. Step 2. Preview and Extract iPhone Text Messages • All files on your iPhone backup will be divided into different folders. Just select "Text Messages" and then you'll see all SMS messages in the right panel. Mark all needed messages, then you can click "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

  12. Step 3. Ready to print the extracted messages • Now your iPhone text messages are all saved as a printable format on your computer and you are able to print them out with your printer. • Related Articles: • How to Backup/Transfer PDF Files from iPad to PC/Mac • How to Transfer Audiobooks from iPod to Computer (Mac & Windows)