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Web Development Service, Chetaru

Chetaru was founded in India 2010 by the incredible husband and wife duo Chetena and Tarun. Chetaru now has a team of just over 30 and continue to grow. In 2016 Chetaru opened their first International office in the UK, as there has been such demand from international clients. In India we see a constant demand for the latest technology at the lowest prices, this has created a very skilled workforce. Most of the largest recognised multinationals will link with international offices to get a reduced production costs, and then resell the service for a nice margin. Chetaru is the reduced production cost direct with no mark up, with the added bonus of a proven track record and UK based content and project teams. We specialise in Web Design, technology integration, eCommerce Websites, Mobile App Development, and SEO. However feel free to challenge us with anything new you think of.