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Transplanting. Moving seedlings from one location to another. How to Transplant. You will need: A grow lab (A set-up with florescent bulbs that enable you to begin growing plants indoors).

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Moving seedlings from one location to another

how to transplant
How to Transplant

You will need: A grow lab (A set-up with florescent bulbs that enable you to begin growing plants indoors).

  • Begin by looking on the back of the seed package to know when to begin the transplanting process and other instructions.
  • Give the plant sufficient water and soil.
  • Make sure the light fixture is 2” above the top of the plant throughout the growing process
  • Keep the grow lab light on for 15-18 hours a day
  • “Harden off” the plant before transplanting outside.

**Consider using “grow bulbs”

to increase the quality of light**

transplanting cont
Transplanting Cont.

Transplanting Outdoors— before moving plants to the garden, gradually increase the amount of time you leave them outdoors. This is known as “hardening them off”. Do this for about 7-10 days (each day increasing the time left outside).

transplanting cont6
Transplanting Cont.

Transplanting indoors— seedlings must have reached the 3rd leaf stage or large enough to handle easily to be transplanted

  • When you replant the seedlings, they must be 1-2’’ apart and 1’’ deep so they can grow properly
  • Put them in a new pot/container with a hole in the bottom for drainage
  • Fill in the hole with soil where you planted the seedling (making sure to press down the soil around it). Water it thoroughly

* If growing your plants on a windowsill, shade them from direct sunlight for 2 days to prevent wilting

transplanting cont7
Transplanting Cont….
  • Repeat “Step 1” for planting outdoors
  • Water the plant generously
  • If there are windy conditions, shield the plant with vertically placed wooden boards

*Wilting may occur; however, once the plant adjusts, it will begin to grow.

for additional info
For additional Info….

Click “Home and Garden” on our homepage and view the “fact sheets”