tracer version 6 real time business management l.
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Tracer Version 6: Real-Time Business Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Tracer Version 6: Real-Time Business Management

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Tracer Version 6: Real-Time Business Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tracer Version 6: Real-Time Business Management. Who’s Buying OAISYS?. PEPPERMILL HOTEL & CASINO. And Many More!. Portfolio Overview – Talkument. Voice Documentation Features Creates digital media documents from business telephone calls

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Tracer Version 6: Real-Time Business Management

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who s buying oaisys
Who’s Buying OAISYS?


And Many More!

portfolio overview talkument
Portfolio Overview – Talkument

Voice Documentation


  • Creates digital media documents from business telephone calls
  • Utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology
  • Centrally stores voice documents on a secure network repository
  • Provides the ability to organize, retrieve, playback, annotate and share voice documents

Key Benefits

  • Productivity: Share information quickly, seamlessly and securely without the need to transcribe
  • Accuracy: Capture the full interaction (tone of voice, pauses, etc. ) to verify exactly what was said and by whom, eliminating miscommunication errors
  • Risk Management: Document phone-based transactions to minimize liability risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Customer Retention: Gain insight into how customers are being treated, identify areas for improvement
portfolio overview tracer
Portfolio Overview – Tracer

Contact Center Management


  • Same core feature set as Talkument, but with advanced capabilities for quality assurance, real-time coaching and personnel development
  • Integrated live call monitoring with pause, rewind, fast forward and IM
  • Desktop video recording to audit PC use during calls
  • Employee evaluations and quality reporting for proactively developing personnel and monitoring service

Key Benefits

  • Best Practices Identification: Increase revenues by sharing/promoting strong sales techniques and reducing negative practices
  • Personnel Development: Easily establish performance standards and metrics for critical processes and systematically evaluate performance
  • Regulatory Compliance: Promote revenue protection, avoidance of penalties, fees and negative publicity
solution scalability
Solution Scalability

OAISYS Recording Appliances

  • Off-the-shelf single, rack-mountable 1U appliance
  • Capable of interfacing with up to two digital trunk circuits or up to 48 PBX endpoints using some form of IP recording
  • Supports storage up to approximately 56,000 hours of recordings

OAISYS Recording Servers

  • Built-to-order server base system, scalable up to 192 ports
  • Suitable for installations requiring advanced fault tolerance and data protection capabilities
  • Accommodates storage from approximately 56,000 up to 200,000 hours of recordings
  • Recordings can be archived to DVD or across Local Area Network to any desired data storage platform
tracer version 6 new features functionality
Tracer Version 6 – New Features & Functionality

New enhancements driven by direct feedback from end-users

Prioritize live monitoring of call activity

Directly influence outcomes on the fly

Objectively develop staff

Increase agent accountability

live call monitor
Live Call Monitor
  • Integrated within the main Tracer user interface
  • A manager can see some or all calls presently taking place on the network
  • Control recordings manually
  • Organize views by activity or user classification
  • Users can connect to one or more Tracer systems, each with up to 192 channels
  • Monitor nodes across entire enterprise voice network at once
live notes
Live Notes
  • Management can add notes while listening
  • Notes become permanent part of voice document along with voice recording
  • Great for follow up training
  • Agent or supervisor can program custom buttons to:
    • Attach Account Code
    • Attach Call Info
    • Add an Annotation
    • Navigate to a Web Address
    • Share URL
live auto monitor
Live Auto Monitor
  • Use business rules to bring calls to management attention
  • Instant or selective live monitoring when activated
  • Each manager can independently create, enable and disable rules
  • An example, “My sales team shouldn’t be on a call for more than 20 minutes. If a call is longer than this, I need to listen.”
live evaluations
Live Evaluations
  • Quality assurance tool commonly used during review of recordings
  • Now QA personnel can actively evaluate calls LIVE while they are in progress
  • Leads to more productive QA staff and immediate feedback for call handlers
  • Evaluations can contain an unlimited number of questions
  • Integrated instant messaging for unobtrusive coaching support
  • Used to provide inaudible communication path between call handler and support staff
  • Coaching session is captured in context with voice recording
coaching help request
Coaching – Help Request
  • Gives agent a lifeline to support personnel during calls
  • Support personnel receive alert along with any agent-supplied information
  • Upon acceptance, support staff begin hearing live call with access to coach through text messaging
coaching manager
Coaching – Manager
  • Support personnel receive view to call with full call details and audit trail of call handling history
  • User can share a URL, a file, or a screen capture with the agent
  • User can also view any previous text conversations that occurred on that call
agent desktop client
Agent Desktop Client
  • Included for users at no cost
  • Agent can view information about the call in progress
  • Agent can tag call with information via six programmable buttons and drop-down menus configured by administrator
  • Agent can stop or start recording IF they have permission to do so
  • Used to access or request coaching help
  • Provides ability to view last call, ideal for public safety contact center environments
work queue folders
Work Queue Folders
  • Work Queue Folders function like a “to-do” list. For example, “I want my QA Manager to evaluate a random sampling of our Sales Team calls every week.”
  • This folder is randomly populated with calls a manager must evaluate based on:
    • Number of calls
    • Percentage of calls
    • Calls per agent
  • An option exists to have the agents evaluate the same calls a manager evaluates.
  • A report can be generated to see how the two compare.
owner s report
Owner’s Report
  • Used to hold management accountable to oversight and QA responsibilities
  • Lists all user activity for the period specified (daily, weekly, monthly) for the following:
    • Live Calls Monitored (who listened live to what calls?)
    • Calls Reviewed (are my managers reviewing calls?)
    • Calls Evaluated (is my QA Team evaluating the number of calls required?)
    • Calls Coached (which managers are responding to our agents’ needs?)
    • Reports Run (are the reports being utilized by all managers?)
  • Can be automatically generated and delivered via email
oaisys api integrations
OAISYS API Integrations
  • Connect the business benefits of active communications management with current line of business applications and infrastructure
  • System-level API for use with third-party software such as various predictive dialers, ACD and other contact center applications
  • Web Services API for integration with commonly used business applications, such as Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft SharePoint®
oaisys mobile recall
OAISYS Mobile Recall
  • Made possible by OAISYS Web Services API and available for both Talkument and Tracer
  • Allows users with a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Blackberry, to access recorded conversations
  • Search based on date, extension, phone number or other criteria
  • Perfect solution for any business with mobile workforce to enhance productivity, customer service and data accuracy
tracer 6 early adopter feedback
Tracer 6 Early Adopter Feedback

“I’ve been in the call center business for about twenty years and I’ve used a lot of different tools. Hands down, this product is so much easier and more intuitive to use. I absolutely love it.”

-Phil Wisehart, AllPoints, OAISYS Customer

“It’s easy to configure, the UI is clean, intuitive and easy to explain to users and setup is easy.”

-Mike Debraal, Wisconsin Wireless Communications, OAISYS Reseller

“I am particularly impressed with the Agent Desktop Client. The coaching feature, ability to send files and screen captures, and integration with Live Call Monitor is really great and will impress our customers. Tracer has really evolved from version 4 and is now a really complete solution, especially for call centres.”

-Richard McCarthy, Bistech Group, OAISYS Reseller

“The Live Call Monitor feature has made it easy for us to monitor long duration calls to ensure agent efficiency.”

Jeff Hoy, CCDish, OAISYS Customer