video based market research how to turn research insights into an effective business tool l.
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Video Based Market Research How to turn research insights into an effective business tool PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Based Market Research How to turn research insights into an effective business tool

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Video Based Market Research How to turn research insights into an effective business tool - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Video Based Market Research How to turn research insights into an effective business tool. Diane Earnshaw – Founder of Vox Pops International.

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Diane Earnshaw – Founderof Vox Pops International

Est. 1987 Clients include BBC, Boots, BSkyB, Coca Cola, Ebay, English Heritage, Guinness, HSBC, Nokia, Orange, Sainsbury’s, Toyota, Virgin, Which?More than 4,000 videos for over 500 companies


What Market Research Can Do For You

Help improve planning and decision making throughout the company

Help make a company more customer focussed

Identify ways of improving services and products

Clarify that you are selling to and targeting the ‘right’ people

Keep you up to date with the competition

Track and identify internal issues – such as personnel and how systems are working

Help you win new business, increase distribution, improve relationships with partners

And much more…….


Two Types of Research

Qualitative is usually undertaken using in-depth interviews or discussion groups (focus groups) among a relatively small number of people. Its purpose is to provide attitudinal information — the how and the why — in depth. This research is preferably face-to-face, although telephone and on-line methodologies are also used.

Quantitative incorporates the statistical element, designed to quantify and provide hard facts about a market, products and your target group.


Bespokeversus “off the peg” Research

Bespoke research is designed exclusively for a client's specific needs and objectives – it can range in size and can be anything from adding one question to an ongoing survey (omnibus) to a large, standalone project.Off the peg (or web) – existing research in the public domain – free or paid for, eg MINTEL, White Papers, News articles


Traditional Uses of Research


Written Reports

In business / marketing / HR plans

At workshops – brainstorming

In Press Releases to generate publicity


Who Can Benefit from Research insights?

EVERYONE, including

Managing Director, Market Research / Customer Insight Managers & Directors, HR Director and HR Team (staff surveys), Brand managers, Marketing Managers, Directors, Advertising, PR, New Product Developers, Design teams, Sales teams, customer servicing, Financial Director, Chairperson and shareholders



Traditionally this doesn’t happen


It’s not user friendly and is not written in such a way that non-marketing literate people can understand

This means that the research is not working as hard as it could, companies could get a great deal more for the money they spend if they look at alternative, modern ways of delivering it, including:



Benefits of using video to conduct research

It is QUALITATIVE - raw and unfiltered, ‘honest’ opinions literally straight from the horse’s mouth

Allows researcher to go to the respondent, in their environment, and to film everything about their lifestyles

Provides access to ‘harder to recruit’ respondents

Provides another dimension – visual, 360 degree, body language, what they’re wearing, pointing to, describing and helps to unearth responses that can be lost otherwise

Proves that right target group been researched

Support and Bring to Life QUANTITATIVE findings


Benefits of using video to illustrate and deliver insight

Brings insights to life, turns consumers from statistics into ‘real’ people

Makes it memorable

Can be used for many purposes – eg training, sales, opening up conferences – gives research more of a shelf life

Makes research easy to digest for non marketing-literate audiences

Used for communicating to internal and external audiences

Ease of distribution through a company – MPEGs, Intranets, at the desktop – 1000s instead of a handful


Popular Video Based Research Services

Vox Pops – intercept interviews that are conducted in a variety of locations including; in store, street, sports centres, shopping centres, bars, pubs, airports, train stations, etc

Vox Pops

Customer Segmentation Videos

Customer segmentation videos

Accompanied Shops



Popular Video Based Research Services

Communication Checks

Comms Check & Product Testing

Set up interviews – staff, consumers, B2B, expert voices, friendship pairs, mini groups

Staff Interviews

Accompanied Surf

Accompanied Surf

Video diaries & video portraits

Mood Videos


Video Production & Editing

Edits can be fast, creative, traditional, use split screens, special effects, titling, graphics

Can include stats, voiceovers, cutaway shots, music, still images

Research from many different sources can all be brought together in the final video.

AUDIENCES EXPECT QUALITY – sound, picture, visuals, special effects – need to use good cameras, sound equipment, trained crews

more uses for market research videos
More Uses for Market Research Videos


Testimonial Videos





kiss case study
Kiss – case study
  • Here is a handout of one of our case studies
  • Evidence of videos making a difference
more uses for market research videos18
More Uses for Market Research Videos

Web TV

Proliferation of websites featuring media rich content, including videos….

www voxpops tv

Largest online library of vox pop videos anywhere - More than 800 short videos featuring real people’s opinions on a number of subjects and brands

Expert Voice videos on HR Issues

Streamed on to Partner Websites, including Brand Republic, Retail Bulletin, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Mintel and many others coming soon, national and specialist media

Constantly Updated

International Videos on the Youth in USA, China, India, Russia, Germany, Mexico available in October 2007

Fully searchable, all videos available for instant purchase

Free video to view every month – editor’s choice

Or take out subscription and select your own



Think about the objectives very clearly

What are you trying to find out?

Who is your target group?

How will it help your business?

Who can benefit from the research?

How will you deliver it and use it?

With video – what style does it need to be, length, format – small segments, one long documentary?

Future – Follow up and testing success and impact



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