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Programming Entertainment and News for a Broadband Audience PowerPoint Presentation
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Programming Entertainment and News for a Broadband Audience

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Programming Entertainment and News for a Broadband Audience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Programming Entertainment and News for a Broadband Audience

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  1. 6/07/2005 Programming Entertainment and News for a Broadband Audience

  2. Agenda • Y! Is an Aggregator, But What Do We Do That’s Unique in The Entertainment Space? • Why the Focus on Entertainment? • Yahoo! Broadband Portals? • What Kinds of Content Are Successful in the Broadband Portal Space? • How Has Citizen Journalism Impacted Our Content?

  3. So Much RSS, So Little Time

  4. Y! News Most Popular Stories

  5. Yahoo! Buzz Log

  6. ‘The Apprentice’ Behind-the-Scenes Video

  7. Community Photography: Flickr

  8. User-Generated Content: Flickr

  9. User-Generated Content: Y! 360

  10. Top Media and Web Site Usage Drivers • The Online Publishing Association recently conducted an online user engagement study that named and ranked 22 experiences that drive people to interact with digital media and Web sites. • "Entertains and absorbs me" is the #1 driver of site usage. *source: The Online Publishers Association (OPA) 2004 Online User Engagement study.

  11. Online Content Spending 2004 • Spending on Entertainment/Lifestyles content grew a remarkable 90% from 2003 to 2004 – from $217.6 million in 2003 to $413.5 million in 2004! • Entertainment overtook Business/Investment content as the #2 paid content category and is on track assume the top position should its current rate of growth continue. *source: The Online Publishers Association (OPA) 2004 Paid Online Content U.S. Market Spending Report.

  12. Yahoo! Broadband PortalsSBC Y! DSL Portal, Rogers Y!, BT Y!, etc

  13. Today Module Details “More” links to related text, full coverage, photo slideshows, video 100% of Today module content is hand-selected by editors • 30%-50% of content items have an inline video Editors program 10-14 pieces daily Rotating primary content module with large image and combination of text features and video • Quick Facts: • Avg content package runs for ~8 hours and receives 60,000 clicks • Highest performing content packages to date:#1 - VIDEO: 'I Looked Like a Monster:' 493k clicks: (03/16/05) • #2 - VIDEO: Ashlee Simpson Booed at the Orange Bowl: 430k clicks (01/05/05) • #3 - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Split Up: 408k clicks (01/08/05)

  14. Winning Mix of “Today” Module Content 12 “Content Packages” Programmed Each Day: • 6-8 hard news (with accompanying photos, and video) • 3-4 entertainment (e.g. celebrity stories, movie previews, TV picks) • 1-2 technology, health or science (with accompanying photos, video) • 0-1 Y! network original items(e.g. Ask Yahoo!, Buzz Log, Tech Tuesday) • 0-1 strategic internal promotions(Y! Shopping “What Stars are Buying this Holiday Season?” Y! Autos “Which Car is Right for You?”) Content Types Appearing Daily in Today Module

  15. MSN Portal Rotating primary content module with large image and combination of text features and video

  16. Broadband “Content Packages?” “Content packages” are created by tying together related: • News & Feature Articles • Video Clips and Live Video • Photos and Photo Slideshows • Y! Network Content & Services (e.g. search results, TV picks, movie times, music videos, stock quotes, salary calculator, etc.) “More” links to related text, full coverage, photo slideshows, video • “VIDEO: Ashlee Simpson Booed at Orange Bowl” • #2 content package to date with 430k clicks in just 8 hours on 01/05/05 • 30%-50% of content packages contain an inline video

  17. Fingers on The Pulse Track topics’ popularity via: • Blogdex • Yahoo! Buzz Log – http://buzz.yahoo.com • Yahoo! News’ Most Viewed articles http://news.yahoo.com/i/1776  Most Emailed articles -- http://news.yahoo.com/i/964/0 • Most Recommended articles -- http://news.yahoo.com/i/1760 • User feedback • Real time click-stats

  18. Where Does Today Module Content Come From?

  19. Make Readers Feel Like They’re in on Something • Answer questions on their minds: who is Paris Latsis?

  20. Give the Readers a 360 Degree Experience • MTV Video Music Awards package contains links showing photos, video highlights, as well as the winners’ music videos. • Brings the event to life better than a flat text article announcing the winners.

  21. Invite the Users to See Something They May Otherwise Miss • Package about Serena’s outfit has a link inviting the users to “see the outfit”

  22. Finding The Unexpected • Not always based on “articles.” Can be inspired by photo, slideshow, or video

  23. Get a Sneak Peak at Gowns

  24. Don’t Be Afraid to Learn from (and Link to) Blogs • Sometimes blogs will capture the best content: Defamer, Gawker • Opinionated, gossipy, chatty, celeb embarrassment

  25. Show Them Things They May Have Wished They’d TiVo’d… • #4 - VIDEO: Anna Nicole's ‘Performance’ at the AMAs: 350k clicks (11/15/2004)

  26. …But Avoid Spoilers for TiVo Fans • “Survivor” package reveals some leading information, but leaves it ambiguous (in the photo, headline, and blurb text) who won.

  27. Defamer, Gawker, Go Fug Yourself etc

  28. Rumors and Gossip

  29. Pitfalls of Gossip

  30. Booing is Best

  31. Make Non-Entertainment Topics Entertaining Withhold Some Info: “Which Cars Are the Most-Stolen Vehicles?”

  32. Bring Colorful Details and Quotes Into Headlines • Aniston: 'I'm Just Hoping I'll Get Through the Night' • Pre-break-up with Brad, but at a time when readers suspected trouble in the marriage. • Aniston was actually crying about the end of “Friends” and that was also what her quote was in reference to.

  33. Use Numbered Lists 10 Hottest Convertibles 4 Stupid Tax Strategies 6 Ways to Ask Your Boss for a Raise 8 Tips for a Sexy Holiday

  34. Nature and Science Can Be Entertaining!

  35. Top Live Video Events • “LIVE VIDEO: New Pope Elected” • 100k clicks in just 2 hours, • “LIVE VIDEO: The Peterson Verdict” • 20k clicks in just 20 minutes,

  36. User Feedback on SBC Y! Today Module Most frequent responses of 430 open-ended user comments in January 2004 Today module user survey… • Overwhelming number of respondents wrote in to say they like the Today module the way it is, citing it as a primary news source and/or a useful glimpse at today’s top stories (131 of 430) • “I really enjoy it, because it brings to my attention items that I may not have otherwise found on my own. I value this service and use it regularly!” • “Really enjoy your news clips. When I can find what I want to watch in the Today module and then watch it immediately, I am simply elated beyond belief.” • Some respondents wrote in with content complaints: • Too much “fluff” (23 of 430) • “I really don’t like the excessive coverage of sensationalistic entertainment stories, i.e. Janet Jackson/Superbowl Stunt. I turned off the module so my kids wouldn’t see it.”