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Personal Change Overview

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Personal Change Overview
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Personal Change Overview

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  1. Personal Change Overview | February 2006

  2. “All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind is part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter into another.” Anatole France French Writer

  3. Leaving the . . . Current State Moving through the . . . Transition State And reaching the . . . Future State Personal change typically occurs in three phases

  4. AVERAGE PERFORMANCE Leaving the . . . HIGH Current State Moving through the . . . Transition State And reaching the . . . Future State LOW These three phases can be mapped onto the performance curve END OF CHANGE EVENT ONSET OF CHANGE EVENT TIME

  5. AVERAGE PERFORMANCE HIGH LOW These three phases can be mapped onto the performance curve SATISFIED COMPLETION (Relief) HOPEFUL OPTIMISM (Benefit of the Doubt) EMERGING PESSIMISM (Confusion/Worry) RENEWED OPTIMISM (Understanding/Confidence) RENEWED HOPE (Hope/Energy) PUBLIC RESISTENCE (Fear/Anger) CHECKING OUT (Sadness/Resignation) TIME

  6. “To exist is to change,to change is to mature,to mature is to go oncreating oneself endlessly.” Henri Bergson French Philosopher

  7. The Results Pathway

  8. The Results Pathway REINFORCERS REINFORCERS RESULTS ACTIONS EXTERNAL What is readily observable by others FEELINGS INTERNAL What is not readily observable by others THINKING



  11. Example 1 - Individual Current State Desired State • I am in poor health and recently acquired an ulcer • I often look down and tired and get upset • My direct reports complain about my negativity • I receive excellent check-ups • I radiate a healthy glow and show up relaxed • My direct reports enjoy working with me RESULTS • I work overtime a lot, often into the night • I have a poor diet, do not exercise and drink many cups of coffee a day • I am snapping at my direct reports • I know when to take time off to be with my family • I eat well and exercise regularly • I request support from my colleagues • I acknowledge when I have snapped ACTIONS • I feel guilt and sadness about my family • I feel fed up with the pressure • I feel a sense of work/life balance • I feel grateful for the support I receive from all circles of influence in my life FEELINGS • Time with my family must be sacrificed for the sake of work • I must do whatever it takes to reach my goals • I can regain good health later in life • Time with my family is a priority • I will do my best to reach my goals – but not at the expense of my health, family or colleagues • Health is key to a good life THINKING • My colleagues and I boast of all the extra hours “we put in” • I refer to the corporate value: “Work/Life balance is key to the success of our associates” • My annual goals are mutually agreed upon • My family thanks me for my contribution Reinforcers • My annual goals are extremely stretched • My family complains about how much I work

  12. Example 2 - Team Current State Desired State • Team meetings often do not accomplish their objectives due to lack of structure in and conversations that drag on • Team members are frustrated with and cynical about working with each other • Team meetings accomplish their objectives as conversations are effective and well managed • Team members enjoy working with each other RESULTS • Conversations are driven to their logical end one by one • No interruptions • Reflective listening is employed • Statements begin with liaisons • Piling on issues during a conversation • Frequent interruptions • Listening not actively practiced • Most statements begin with ‘no’ or ‘but’ ACTIONS • Anxious to speak and get a word in • Uncomfortable letting the same individuals always speak • Angry that no one will listen • Curious about the conversation • Honoring what others are saying • Assured that voice will be heard FEELINGS • If I do not speak, there is a strong chance that what I wanted to say will be said • I will get a chance to share my thoughts • Everyone cares about what • others have to say • If I do not jump in, no one will listen to me • Every one thinks their point of view is best and must defend their opinion to succeed • No one cares about what others think THINKING • Leadership role models poor team meeting behaviors • No meeting training • No feedback is ever given to anyone regarding their communication behaviors • No performance management around collaboration • Leadership runs excellent meetings • Meeting training is offered to everyone • Feedback regarding communication behaviors is permitted and given • Collaboration is formally reviewed • during each performance review Reinforcers

  13. Exercise 1:The Current State • I produce … I deliver … I achieve … I accomplish … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ RESULTS • I act like … I behave like … I manifest … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ ACTIONS • I feel … My emotions are … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ FEELINGS • I believe … My reasoning is … My assumptions are … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ THINKING • _____________________________________ • _____________________________________ • _____________________________________ Strategy & Values Organization Structure Processes & Technology Leadership & People HR Systems Reinforcers

  14. Exercise 1:The Desired State • I will produce … I will deliver … I will achieve … I will accomplish … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ RESULTS • I will act like … I will behave like … I will manifest … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ ACTIONS • I will feel … My emotions will be … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ FEELINGS • I will believe … My reasoning will be … My assumptions will be … • ________________________________________________ • ________________________________________________ THINKING • _____________________________________ • _____________________________________ • _____________________________________ Strategy & Values Organization Structure Processes & Technology Leadership & People HR Systems Reinforcers


  16. Data F e e l i n g s Thinking Data Data Data Actions Level 2: The mechanics behind experience Knowledge & Beliefs Perception/Sensation 5 Senses

  17. Data F e e l i n g s Data Data Data Actions Level 2: A deeper look at the mechanics Archive Perception/Sensation 5 Senses Interpretation Judgment Decision Thinking

  18. The origin of the “archives” Reinforcers Archives: Knowledge & Beliefs Reinforcers Reinforcers

  19. Examples of reinforcers External Reinforcers Private Domain Professional Domain • Family and upbringing • Friends and social circles • Education • Religion • Media, television, advertising, books, movies • Government / Communities • Vision, strategy and values • Organization structure • Work processes and technology • Leadership and management • Human Resource systems

  20. Level 2: How Human Beings Change Results Results Actions Actions Feelings Feelings External Reinforcers External Reinforcers Thinking Thinking Perception Sensation Perception Sensation Current State Future State

  21. High Low Moving through performance curves Results Results Actions Actions Feelings Feelings Thinking Thinking Average Performance Reinforcers Reinforcers Time

  22. The key change lever Results External Reinforcers Actions External Feelings Internal Conscious Thinking Subconscious Perception Sensation Archives

  23. How do we change our archives?    Recognize the result, action or feeling that is not right Archives Perception/Sensation F e e l i n g s The Senses Data Interpretation Data Data Judgment Data Actions Decision Thinking

  24. F e e l i n g s Data Donnée Data Interpretation Interpretation Judgment Judgment Data Decision Decision Data Changing our archives . . .  What other thoughts / thinking could I have relative to these facts /situation ? What is the data? What is the current situation? What thoughts / thinking is causing these feelings? What is my feeling? . . . Current State Future State + + + . . . . .

  25. F e e l i n g s Changing our archives   What is my new feeling associated with my new thought / thinking? What is my new thought / thinking? What is my decision? What is my action? What is my result?