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Olympic Gold Quest PowerPoint Presentation
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Olympic Gold Quest

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Olympic Gold Quest
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Olympic Gold Quest

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    5. Athletes

    6. What is ECS?

    7. How ECS Plan Works

    8. FAQs All contributions are eligible for deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games is the registered name of Olympic Gold Quest, a Section 25 company Please enclose a blank cancelled cheque from the bank account you have agreed to donate from. (This is required as per RBI regulations.) Signature on the Mandate form should be as per bank records. Amount to be debited every month should be mentioned in words and figures. Please clearly mention the date for discontinuing (End Date) monthly contributions. Original ECS Mandate Form along with a blank cancelled cheque should be posted to Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games at the following address: Olympic Gold Quest, 3,Neelkamal, Gandhibagh Society, Law Garden, Ahmedabad 380 006. Donor Information is required for issuing and dispatching 80G Certificates, which will be will be issued in Annually in April. For any queries or requests to change/ discontinue your monthly contributions please send us an email at: ecs@olympicgoldquest.com

    9. Cancelled Cheque* MICR - 9 Digit code number of the bank & branch *This is required as per RBI regulations

    10. ECS Locations Delhi Ludhiana Amritsar Jalandhar Chandigarh Kanpur Allahabad Varanasi Lucknow Agra Jaipur Udaipur Jodhpur Rajkot Ahmedabad Baroda

    11. About TechProcess TechProcess Solutions Limited (TPSL) is Indias leading electronic transaction processing company that offers end-to-end solutions in electronic transaction processing, data & document management and software solutions. As the countrys largest electronic transaction processing company, TPSLs ECS transaction constitutes 85 % of RBIs total ECS volumes, services 70 % of insurance companies and 80 % of the asset management companies. Processed more than 90 million electronic transactions during FY09-10 and 60+ million cheques & around 24 +million data & documents during FY10. Major Clients:

    12. Means to ensure data privacy & compliance by TSPL TSPL have dedicated systems for every application; like Payment Gateway / ECS / Electronic Debit have separate dedicated facilities. The same structure is maintained at the Datacenters also. TSP has a 24*7 security system in place. Each visitor or employee at the entrance has to undergo a security check. Also no outsider or executive is allowed to take the camera cell phones along with him or her to the ops floor. As a part of the security software policy, each machine is password protected and the have no or limited access to the user. Time to time the data is purged from the server as well so that no tampering with the client data happens. All non web facing applications are hosted internally, while web-facing applications like payment gateway are hosted out of TataNet, Data center at Prabhadevi. E.g.: bulk transaction database are hosted internally. For each client TSPL maintains a separate payee_id which is a unique. For every transaction logs are generated. Each user is given a separate a Username & password. The following controls are implemented on TSPLs servers:- Server Hardening. Anti-Virus Soft wares. For online systems, the servers are protected using a firewall.

    13. The potential and possibilities are immense

    14. We can either make it a fine program that will touch a few sportsmen or create a movement that can capture the imagination of a whole nation.

    15. And in turn give back to the cause in ways we cant imagine yet.

    16. The choice is ours.

    17. Thank You