Music and slavery
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Music and Slavery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Open Court 4th Grade Unit 4 Survival - lesson 6 pp. 406-411 Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary. Music and Slavery.

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Open Court 4th Grade Unit 4 Survival - lesson 6

pp. 406-411 Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary

Music and Slavery

"I'm sorry, frien's, to lebe you,Farewell ! oh, farewell!But I'll meet you in de mornin',Farewell! oh, farewell!"I'll meet you in de mornin',When you reach de promised land;On de oder side of Jordan,For I'm boun' for de promised land."

Harriet Tubman was born a slave in 1821 near the eastern shore of Maryland. When she heard that her deceased master's property would be sold, she escaped to freedom in Pennsylvania. When she discovered what it was to be free, she wanted to help other people to freedom. She knew that her efforts would require money and therefore she worked part-time jobs until she had enough money for her first mission. She traveled to Baltimore and rescued her sister and her two children. She made at least fifteen trips to the south and lead at least 200 people to freedom.

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Music and Slavery

  • portion

  • misery

  • hardships

  • brutality

  • heritage

Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary

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Music and Slavery

  • Portion

  • She had to portion out the cotton they were going to spin and see that each got a fair share.

  • Mother will portion out the slices of pizza.

Portion: to share or give out

Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary

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Music and Slavery

  • Misery

  • The life of many slaves in the United States was often full of fear and misery.

  • The father fed the hungry, crying baby to relieve its misery.

Misery: suffering

Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary

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Music and Slavery

  • Hardships

  • One way the slaves dealt with these hardships was through music.

  • Immigrants often endured hardships such as illness and poverty.

Hardships: troubles or misfortunes

Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary

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Music and Slavery

  • Brutality

  • They could sing about the brutality of slavery without fear of being punished.

  • The shelter rescues abused animals from the brutality of cruel owners.

Brutality: cruelty or extremely harsh treatment

Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary

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Music and Slavery


  • Many of these songs are still sung today and are a tribute to the rich musical heritage of the slaves.

  • I am proud of my Japanese heritage.

Heritage: tradition or property handed down to a person by his or her ancestors

Melissa Lape Wilson Elementary