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Medical Missions for Children - AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ... PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Missions for Children - AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ...

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Medical Missions for Children - AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Missions for Children - AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ...

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    Mission Statement To help the worlds critically ill children by: - Providing medical diagnoses and treatment via telemedicine to children and mothers - Facilitating medical knowledge transfer from its source to healthcare providers worldwide - Delivering health-related resources to underserved hospitals - Supporting applied medical research utilizing communications infrastructure. Vision Statement Medical Missions for Children strives to: - Touch the lives of one million critically ill children each year by using state of the art technology to transfer medical knowledge and support diagnostics - Provide the vehicle for dissemination of medical breakthroughs to underserved medical communities - Facilitate medical volunteerism in the U.S. - Provide a platform for medical diplomacy aimed at enhancing the image of the United States. The Faces of Medical Missions for Children Frank Brady Founder & Chairman Margaret Brady Founder Tommy Thompson Ambassador-at-Large Trustee Dr. Anne Peterson Strategic Planning Trustee Global Telemedicine & Teaching Network I. TOP (Telemedicine Outreach Program) Launched April 2000 - TOP provides virtual diagnostics consultants to hospitals in underserved countries II. MBC (Medical Broadcasting Channel) Scheduled Launch November 2005 - MBC is fully licensed by the FCC and is capable of streaming medical education content around the globe III. Global Video Library of Medicine Scheduled to Launch January 2006 - A 25,000 hour digital library of fully searchable medical education video content IV. Giggles Children's Theater Launched February 2005 - 75-seat theater housed at St. Josephs Childrens Hospital dedicated to providing children with a creative, artistic diversion from the monotony of their hospital stay V. Mission Support Projects Ongoing program I. TOP (Telemedicine Outreach Program) Provides virtual diagnostics consultants from 27 tier one mentoring hospitals to 36 underserved countries. Over 23,500 consults performed since 1999. GTTN Participating Countries North & South America - Panama - Bolivia - Chile - Costa Rica - Brazil - Colombia - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico - Nicaragua - Peru - Honduras - Argentina - Venezuela - Paraguay - Belize - Jamaica - Grenada - Canada Africa & India - Nigeria - India - South Africa Eastern Europe - Armenia - Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan - Republic of Georgia - Romania - Ukraine - Poland - Hungary Europe - France - United Kingdom - Spain - Ireland MMC / GTTN Partners Strategic - St. Josephs Childrens Hospital - Polycom Inc. - Intelsat Ltd. - World Bank In Country - First Lady - Hospital Administration - World Bank GDLN - Polycom Channel Partners Mentoring Hospitals Medical Centers - St. Josephs Children's Hospital - Mount Sinai Medical Center - Montefiore Childrens Hospital - NY Hospital for Special Surgery - Johns Hopkins Medical Center - National Childrens Hospital - St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital - Jersey Shore Medical Center - Hasbro Childrens Hospital - Childrens Hospital of Boston - Mass General Childrens Hospital - Discroll Childrens Hospital - Texas Childrens Hospital - The Methodist Hospital - University of Texas Medical Branch - New York Presbyterian Hospitals - Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (UK) - Hospital Infantil Univeritario Nino Jesus (Madrid, Spain) - Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada) - CRIT (Childrens Rehabilitation Center) (Mexico) - Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Medical Schools & Universities - The Brody School of Medicine at S.C.U. - Yale School of Medicine - Harvard Medical School - Brown University - Baylor College of Medicine - Mt. Sinai School of Medicine - St Georges University Medical School - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Live Video Snapshots of Telemedicine Sessions Doctors from Hospital Del Nino, Panama, discuss patient cases over a live video broadcast. St. Josephs Childrens Hospital, USA. X-ray of child torso is transmitted between hospitals. St. Josephs Childrens Hospital, USA. An 11 year old boy is being examined by a panel of doctors from thousands of miles away. Panel of doctors. Mentoring Hospital Mentoring Hospital Mentoring Hospital MMC Polycom Bridge Underserved Hospital A. Point to Point Diagnostic Consults B. Point to Point Diagnostic Consults C. Point to Multipoint Medical Education Underserved Hospitals MMC Polycom Bridge Underserved Hospital Underserved Hospital Underserved Hospital Underserved Hospital IP or ISDN IP or ISDN II. Medical Broadcasting Channel (MBC) MBC is fully licensed by the FCC and is capable of broadcasting around the world. Typical broadcast day - Physician Education 23% - Medical Science 13% - Prevention 22% - Nursing Education 19% - Family Health 14% - Patient Education 9% MBCs projected medical audience includes people: - Who are medical professionals - 35 54 years old - With an advanced degree - Opinion leaders - Who need continuing education - Multi-lingual Projected audience after year two: - 150,000 sites and communities around the world. - Reaching 1.5 million medical professionals, and 3 to 5 million viewers.



    III. Global Video Library of Medicine - Powered by Video Bank Inc. - Converts medical education video to a digital format - Content electronically tagged for easy retrieval - Automatically creates a broadcast schedule Point to point (broadcast) and internet distribution (live streaming and on- demand) 25,000 hours of initial content capability MMC Broadcast Content Partners National Institutes of Health - National Cancer Institute - National Eye Institute - National Hearth, Lung, and Blood Institute - National Human Genome Research Institute - National Institute on Aging - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - National Institute of arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases - National Institute of Biomedical Imagine and Bioengineering - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders - National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research - National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases - National Institute on Drug Abuse - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - National Institue of General Medical Sciences - National Institute of Mental Health - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - National Institute of Nursing Research MMC Broadcast Content Partners (continued) - National Library of Medicine - World Health Organization - Food and Drug Administration - Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health - Johns Hopkins University, Health and Child Survival Fellows Program - Fogarty International Center - Mt. Sinai Medical Center - Yale University, School of Medicine - Georgetown University, Institute for Reproductive Health - Childrens Healthlink - GE Healthcare - St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, Cure4Kids St. Josephs Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Specialists, Haledon Operation Smile Discovery Channel Research Channel University of Florida - University of Wisconsin Virginia Institute of Technology, School of Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital East Carolina University, Brody School of Medicine - Royal Numico MMC Broadcast Content Partners (continued) - Howard Hughes Medical Institute - CDC Center for Disease Control - California Distance Learning Health Network - Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation - Kaiser Family Foundation - Rural Health Education Foundation, Australia - Caucus Educational Corporation - Miami Hand Center, DaVinci Center - University of Albany, School of Public Heath - National Educational Video, Inc. - Brookes Publishing, Inc. IV. Giggles Childrens Theater - Two live performances each week - Programs can be broadcast or streamed - Interactive video field trips - Giggles Childrens Theater now being franchised Monday Night at the Movies for adult patients Community medical outreach St. Joes Players (Community Theater Group) V. Mission Support Projects - Grant services for St. Josephs Hospital Regional Medical Center - IBM team partner for Global AIDS Initiative - Strategic Alliance with ABT Associates

    Restoring Hope & Health Through Technology