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Landscaping Design

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Landscaping Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Landscaping Design. By: Danielle, Travis, and Faith. Layout.

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Landscaping Design

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landscaping design

Landscaping Design

By: Danielle, Travis, and Faith

  • We wanted our landscape design to be very colorful and full but not to busy. We decided to have 8 different kinds of flowers that will all suit each other. Our plot is a very unique shape, so we picked flowers that will complement the shape. Our plot has a little straight away that leads into a circular shape. The length of the entire plot is 45ft long, and the width of the straight away is 3.2ft and the circular shape is 11ft in width.
focal points
Focal points
  • We tried to make the focal points in our landscape design very clear. We picked certain flowers so that you will look straight at them and then notice the flowers around the main points. We picked very colorful flowers that pop and catch the eye. And the other flowers that we picked will ease your eye away to notice the more calm flowers. So it isn't to busy.
  • Our flowers balance each other out very well. We made sure that each flower would work with each other one. We picked good colors that would brighten the area but also make you feel very relaxed.
  • We were looking to make something that would look pretty and make people want to stop and look. We decided on a nice little bird bath that we would put in the circular area of the plot, we will also wanted a stone walk way that will accentuate the flowers around the walk way. The walk way will also be in the circular area in our plot and around the bird bath. So people are able to walk in our plot and see the flowers better and walk to the side walk without walking on the plants.
  • Our landscape design has very many different shapes with a variety of colors.The colors we chose seem to all compliment each other. We chose the colors according to the surroundings of the area and what flowers would look good with each other.
wooly thyme
Wooly Thyme
  • We picked wooly thyme for a ground cover, it will fill in the spaces we don’t have flowers. This plant is a perennial. The water has to be able to drain easy for this plant. It like the sun most,but tolerant shade as well. This plant grows best in soil that has a alkaline ph. Thymes like poor soil rather then fertilizer. The plants are very easy to maintain all you have to do is keep an eye on the and water them once in a while.
dwarf hydrangea
Dwarf Hydrangea
  • The flowers are very bright and colorful. We picked this plant because it will go well with are landscape design. These plants are very easy to maintain, basically because they are tight and compact. You don’t have to do any pruning to these plants with some water and care this plant should grow fine.
  • These flowers are very bright and fun, with a great yellow color. We picked this plant so it will bring a pop to our site. You don’t have to do much to these plants. Just Nurture the bulbs, good fertilization, and with some mulch on top. These plants just need to be watered every once in a while
  • We picked these plants because the are very easy to handle and they are very pretty. They like sunny areas, and they need good water drainage sandy soil is the best for Hyacinths. The biggest thing you have to do to maintain the plants is deadheading them, which is pinching off old blooms so new blooms will grow.
  • These flowers are small and easy to maintain. They need good sunlight and good drainage soil and water them often. We picked these plants because they are good ground coverers and they have little petals.
  • We picked a lilac because they are pretty and full. They will fill in empty spots very well and they will go with our design. Lilacs are easy to maintain they are better off if you plant them in an elevated area. They biggest maintenance that you will have to do on this plant is to prune them. The time to prune this plant is when the flowers have faded, then the seasons buds are set immediately.
  • You have to keep these flowers good and moist but not to wet. You will need to add fertilizer (unless the plants are growing healthy) But you will add ½ cup of 5-10-10 and you it will put it around the plant. These flowers should not be mulched. In the early fall you will cut these flower down to about 6-8in from the ground. After a few years you will need to divide these plants. We picked Irises because they are colorful and they will bring a uniqueness.
  • We all had fun with this project and being able to design our own thing and how we wanted it to look . Thanks for listening.