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Keep Girls Safe Project

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Keep Girls Safe Project. ADRA Thailand. All Smiles….. All the Time. Unfortunately, Thailand’s slogan does not represent the 800,000 girls and young women under the age of 18 who work as prostitutes in the country. (Source: Sorajjakool, Child Prostitution in Thailand).

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all smiles all the time
All Smiles….. All the Time

Unfortunately, Thailand’s slogan does not represent the 800,000 girls and young women under the age of 18 who work as prostitutes in the country

(Source: Sorajjakool, Child Prostitution in Thailand)

sex slave trade in asia
Sex slave trade in Asia
  • A United Nations official has described the trafficking of women and children across Asia as “the largest slave trade in history”
  • More than 30 million children have been traded over the last three decades in Asia and the Pacific alone

(Source: BBC News, 20 Feb 2003)

life in the brothel
Life in the Brothel

Conditions for girls forced into prostitution are horrifying

“These girls, when sold, are usually locked up in the brothels, often not seeing the light of day for up to two years. They can be called upon for sex 24 hours a day.”

(Source: Sorajjakool, Child Prostitution in Thailand)

child prostitution in thailand
Child Prostitution in Thailand
  • Sex traffickers purchase girls as young as 10
  • Poor Thai families sell their girls as sex slaves for approximately US$ 450
  • Northern Thailand is the biggest problem area, because rural families are poor and many girls do not attend school

(Source: Reader’s Digest, May 2003. “School of Hope”)

ethnic minorities
Ethnic Minorities
  • Hill tribe villagers are very poor and especially vulnerable
  • Girls from ethnic minority groups are sold for as little as USD100

(Source: Reader’s Digest, May 2003. “School of Hope”)

effects of child prostitution
Effects of Child Prostitution
  • Jan’s story: Began working in the sex trade at the age of 12. She died of HIV/AIDS at the age of 19

(Source: Sorajjakool, Child Prostitution in Thailand)

  • 40% of the prostitutes from Northern Thailand have HIV/AIDS
  • (Source: Brown, Sex Slaves)
  • Children forced to work as prostitutes become outcasts and are stigmatized by society
  • They often fall into deep depression and many suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome
factors of vulnerability
Factors of Vulnerability
  • Low educational level/School attendance
  • History of prostitution in family or village
  • Broken families (divorce, death, alcoholism)
  • Poverty
adra thailand
ADRA Thailand
  • The Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) in Thailand started a project in 1998 to help girls at-risk
  • The Keep Girls Safe Project gives at-risk girls educational assistance so they can remain in school, reducing their risk of coercion into the sex trade
katima leja
Katima Leja
  • Katima is 17 years old and is studying in grade 9 with the assistance of ADRA
  • One of her friends from the same village is working in Chiang Mai in the sex industry

“I want to work as a teacher in my village so more girls like me can have education.”

puthra kunsirejamras
Puthra Kunsirejamras
  • ADRA asked Puthra to draw her future…
  • “My dream is to be a mathematics teacher.”
  • Puthra is 9 years old and is studying in 3rd grade with the assistance of ADRA
chanchiera riebroi
Chanchiera Riebroi

“Thank-you for sending me to school. I have knowledge now. I promise I will study hard. May God Bless You.”



Chanchiera’s mother is dead, and her father is addicted to alcohol.

keep girls safe project13
Keep Girls Safe Project
  • Goal: The reduction of vulnerability of girls to commercial sexual exploitation
objectives of project
Objectives of Project
  • To facilitate the education of vulnerable girls through the provision of formal and non-formal learning
  • To provide support for vulnerable girls through the establishment of a shelter, meeting the basic needs of village girls, and awareness raising activities within the community
  • To increase the capacity of vulnerable girls for employment through the facilitation of skills training and small enterprise development activities
projects achievements
Projects Achievements

Formal Education

The project will provide educational support for at risk girls in order to prevent them from becoming caught up in commercial sexual exploitation. The project team will work closely with trained professionals in the community

project achievements
Project Achievements

Non-formal education

The project will provide assistance for non-formal education for girls and young women who cannot attend formal education. Many girls of ethnic minority groups do not have Thai citizenship, and cannot attend formal school. ADRA will keep in contact with participating girls and their teachers, monitoring each student’s progress

project achievements17
Project Achievements

Refuge for girls and young women

Many of the girls at risk of commercial sexual exploitation lack the basic needs to survive. The shelter will be a place of living assistance for girls who do not have carers, or anywhere appropriate or safe to live. The shelter will provide food and shelter for these girls, as well as supporting them to attend local schools or appropriate levels of formal education

project achievements18
Project Achievements

Vocational training for young women

The project will facilitate vocational training for young women, to engender a livelihood and to ensure that they have the opportunity to find a job

project achievements19
Project Achievements

Small Business

A small business enterprise will be set up by the project. Small business training for the girls will prepare the girls to be involved in the operations of the small business, thus giving them a sense of ownership of enterprise. This will make the girls’ transition into full time employment in the community to be smoother

project achievements20
Project Achievements

Life-skills Classes

The project will support the girls’ mental, spiritual, moral and social development by engaging them in a program to address and explore areas such as goal setting, positive thinking team work, self esteem, trust, communication, conflict resolution and anger management

project achievements21
Project Achievements

Girls’ Clubs

To create a community support system, girls’ clubs will be established in partner villages. Through life-skills classes, girls will become aware of the dangers of prostitution and the associated problems such as HIV/AIDS. These clubs will give girls the opportunity to discuss issues with their peers, and become familiar with where they can go for assistance

project achievements22
Project Achievements

Community Education

Activities to raise awareness will ensure that the girls, their families and the general community are aware of the dangers of the sex trade and human trafficking. This will assist them to make choices that will reduce commercial sexual exploitation of their children in Thailand

impact of the project
Impact of the Project
  • The construction of a refuge, small business center, and administration office will provide a permanent facility dedicated to at-risk girls and young women in Chiang Rai Province.
  • Those who receive educational assistance will be empowered to find employment outside of the sex industry. They will be the strongest voices for other at-risk girls in the future.
  • Communities will be aware of the dangers of child prostitution. More importantly, the girls themselves will fully understand their rights, the consequences of working in the sex trade, and where to turn for help.
adra thailand helping girls smile again
ADRA ThailandHelping Girls Smile Again

This project will enable ADRA Thailand to empower at-risk girls and young women to live a meaningful life