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Oct/Nov 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Oct/Nov 2008

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Oct/Nov 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oct/Nov 2008 Vassana Cultivation

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Oct/Nov 2008

Vassana Cultivation

For the past two and a half months, as part of Vassana Cultivation members and devotees led by the Venerables at Ti-Sarana, have been practising the Metta Bhavana, the Meditation of Loving Kindness to permeate loving kindness to all sentient beings. In a few weeks’ time, Kathina and Robes Offering will be held for members and devotees to offer robes, 8-requisites or other gifts to the Maha Sangha to reciprocate their guidance and dissemination of the Dhamma to us.

All members and devotees are invited to the Blessing of Holy Water Service on 25th Oct (Eve of Kathina) and to the Kathina Ceremony on 26th Oct 2008 (Sun.). We look forward to your presence.

Blessing Of Holy Water Service (25th Oct 2008, Sat)

7.30pm Buddha Puja

8.15pm Gilanapaccaya For Venerables

8.20pm Light Refreshment For Members & Devotees

8.30pm Invitation Of The Buddha Relics To The Shrine Hall

8.45pm Invitation To Maha Sangha To Commence Special Chanting

10.00pm Blessing By Venerables For Members And Devotees

Kathina Day (26th Oct 2008, Sunday)

Kathina Day Ceremony will commence at 7.15am with the Kathina Civara Procession to the Shrine Hall. Devotees can offer robes, 8-requisites and gifts to members of the Maha Sangha who are invited to the ceremony. After the Blessing Service by the Maha Sangha, Morning Dana (Breakfast) will be offered to the Venerables.

There will be a cutting and sewing session of the Kathina Robe to be offered to the Venerables who observed the Vassana retreat at Ti-Sarana. The Kathina Robe will be offered to the Venerables during the Evening Puja Service.

Fund Raising Dinner & Show

To raise funds for our 2009 Welfare Projects, a Dinner & Show

will be held on 22nd Nov 2008. Details can be found on page 2.

We appeal to all members and devotees for their support to make

this event a success.

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