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Industrial Base Extension & Execution (IBex 2 ) IBex ² DLA’s Industrial Base Contingency Execution Tool. Informational Briefing. Building upon IBex Success. IBex 2 is the evolution of a planning system that began in 2000.

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Industrial Base

Extension & Execution (IBex2)


DLA’s Industrial Base Contingency Execution Tool

Informational Briefing

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Building upon IBex Success

  • IBex2 is the evolution of a planning system that began in 2000.

  • IBex2 compliments,does not competewith, existing contracting vehicles.

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Information Gathering

Over 70 DoD customers, planners, and contracting officers participated in the 6 month Feasibility Study:









  • DSCP Legal and Contracting

  • DESC-X

  • Global Logistics Providers

  • Other DLA Programs –


    • SPOT

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Execution of the Industrial Base Extension


Current execution of contingency contracts and buys is slow, inefficient, and labor-intensive.


Provide solution that links buyers to vendors and automates execution.


Decreases ALT, potentially meeting more Required Delivery Dates (RDDs).

Provide tools to help the user quickly identify items that are available in a particular region and that best meet their needs.

“A tool like IBex2 would have been helpful in past contingencies, and would have reduced time to delivery and execution.”

-- COL Derrick S. Smith (DLA-E)

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Regulations and business rules must be cleared in executing many orders.


Enable competition and timely pricing reviews across all regions and for all commodities.


Decreased cost of goods to the Government through competition.

Business Rule Enforcement

Automated enforcement of business rules that ensure FAR-compliant contracting.

“AFRICOM does not have the resources to research buys. It would be great if a system could make a selection suggestion for us.”

-- Denny D’Angelo (AFRICOM)

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Business Rule Enforcement

The system will guide customers to solve rule violations.

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Competitive Prime Vendors have been a success for Class IV – Construction and Equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Quickly guide customer through sourcing decisions that meet all applicable regulatory requirements.


Enforced rules through an automated means ensure that regulations are met

Competitive Prime Vendors

Competition and timely pricing reviews across all regions and for all commodities.

“As long as you do the market research up front [to ascertain multiple sources], this is the way that we are heading.”

-- C&E Strategic Material Sourcing Group (SMSG)

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Competitive Prime Vendors

The system will enable request for quotes from vendors.

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Decision-Making Workflow

The system will require quote approval.

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Consolidated delivery capabilities are needed to ensure timely mission set support.


Enable Vendors to provide Consolidated Shipment support and Turn-Key Solutions.


Reduced delivery cost through consolidated shipments.

Consolidated Delivery

Consolidated delivery capability with a single integrator in charge of each mission set.

“We can get the end product, but can we get it to the user?”

-- Adam Cohen (DSCP-E)

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Consolidated Delivery

The system will provide different delivery options.

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The scarcity of up-to-date sourcing information causes extra work and ill-informed decisions, and is the Planning community’s #1 complaint.


Use EAI, Web 2.0, and master item catalog technology for up-to-date inventory information.


Better-informed decisions

Real-Time Sourcing Information

Real-time sourcing information from local and regional suppliers worldwide.

“I need immediate visibility of all my Prime Vendor’s inventory in the field.”

-- CDR Ott (PACOM Interview Jun 09)

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Real-Time Sourcing Information

The system will have real time information about items from suppliers.

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Local Purchases


Local-purchase mandated missions pose the greatest challenge.


Leverage IBex Vendor and cross-government knowledge to utilize local sources and reduce market survey costs.


Decreased dependency of forward stock and strategic air- and sea-lift.

Customer options for local purchasing preferences. Reporting mechanism for Global Logistics Provider to confirm local purchases.

“It is a travesty to put Class IV on a plane.”

-- Brigadier General Perna (ROC Drill Sep 09)

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Stove-piped buys lack efficiency and are frustrating to customers.


Provide single entry point to all DLA sources of supply.


Increased efficiency in procuring goods for contingency operations.

Cross Classification Shopping

Seamless cross-classification purchasing of DLA products and related services.

“Don’t just build us yet another system, build us ONE system that ties all the other systems together.”

-- Ria Blackwell (SOCAF)

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Cross Classification Shopping

The system will host a library of cross-classification missions.

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Poorly defined requirements waste a large portion of the Administrative Lead Time (ALT), and is the Contracting community’s #1 complaint.


Provide online catalogs, knowledge reuse, and non-NSN equivalency capability.


Reduced ALT and Contracting Officer frustration.

Requirements Definition

Provide tools to help the user quickly identify items that are available in a particular region and that best meet their needs.

“In an operation the first thing that goes out the door is the plan because there is a different person commanding every time and the former Commanders plan is never good enough.”

-- Alfred Gross (DSCP-E)

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Focus Requirements Definition

Users may upload a Bill of Materials to the system.

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Focus Requirements Definition

The system attempts to source items automatically.

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Focus Requirements Definition

The system asks for clarification to source remaining items.

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Wide-spread interest in IBex2 led to discussions of expanded potential customer base.


Leverage non-government organizations and other government agencies to increase purchase volume and support system buy-in.


Decreased “buy-arounds” and increased sales volumes going through DLA.

Customer Base

Including other customers will expand the user base, increasing IBex2 support.

“Lots of small groups could use a tool like this: USAID, GSOs, JPAC, JITFW.”

-- PACOM Customer

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IBex2 Concept of Operations

Streamlined execution of contingency contracting through enhanced, automated tools.