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Farmington Economic Development Department Breakfast Meeting

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Farmington Economic Development Department Breakfast Meeting October 13, 2010 Farmington Economic Development Department Breakfast Meeting Cato T. Laurencin, M.D., Ph.D. Vice President for Health Affairs Dean, School of Medicine The University of Connecticut October 13, 2010 Who We Are.

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Farmington Economic Development Department Breakfast Meeting

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farmington economic development department breakfast meeting2

Farmington EconomicDevelopment DepartmentBreakfast Meeting

Cato T. Laurencin, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice President for Health AffairsDean, School of MedicineThe University of Connecticut

October 13, 2010

who we are
Who We Are.

We are proud.

We are the UCONN Health Center.

Our state’s only publicly-funded academic medical center.

The Only Public tertiary care hospital.

The hub of medical and dental education, clinical care and research.


I would like to discuss with you.

The new UConn Health Network.

The renewal of our university hospital, the John Dempsey Hospital.

How we will help enhance the business environment in Farmington and the surrounding towns.

How you can help.


As we embark on this new chapter for the Health Center, we are simultaneously celebrating a milestone that took place nearly 50 years ago.


Late spring of 1961.

Connecticut General Assembly approved legislation.

UConn Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine.


Graduating the first classes in 1972.

-the face of healthcare in our state.

-new generations of healthcare providers in Connecticut

-advanced healthcare services for citizens

the uconn health center connecticut s public academic health center and hospital
The UConn Health Center: Connecticut’s Public Academic Health Center and Hospital
  • 3 Schools: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Graduate School in Bio-medical Sciences
    • 35 % of School of Medicine graduates and 46% of School of Dental Medicine graduates practice in the State
the uconn health center connecticut s public academic health center and hospital10
The UConn Health Center: Connecticut’s Public Academic Health Center and Hospital
    • 58% of the State’s dentists are School of Dental Medicine graduates
    • For Fall Semester 2010, majority of students are Connecticut residents
  • Residency Training: 694 medical and dental residents training in local hospitals
clinical services
Clinical Services

John Dempsey Hospital (JDH): 224-bed acute care university teaching hospital

In FY 09, 22.8% Medicaid inpatient days as a percentage of total patient days

UConn Medical Group (UMG): region’s largest multi-specialty clinical practice

clinical services12
Clinical Services

UConn Dental Clinics: Connecticut’s single largest provider of dental services for the under and uninsured; 68% Medicaid recipients –

In addition, University Dentists: our comprehensive practice – provides complete care for patients in the region

notable clinical strengths
Notable Clinical Strengths

We are home to the only full service Emergency Department in the Farmington Valley — staffed entirely by board-certified emergency medicine physicians and highly trained staff.


Our cardiology outpatient and inpatient service — the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center

—honored by the American Heart Association for exemplary care for patients with heart failure.


The only freestanding center for musculoskeletal health in the region and its director, Dr. Jay Lieberman — a joint replacement specialist — was recently honored with the Urist Award, one of the most prestigious national awards in Orthopedic Surgery.


More physicians on the prestigious America’s Top Doctors list than any other hospital in the region.

economic driver
Economic Driver

Major employer: more than 5300 employees working on our campus and across the State

Major contributor to Connecticut’s economy: Generate nearly $1 billion in Gross State Product

economic driver18
Economic Driver

Workforce development: Major producer of physicians and dentist who practice in the state

UCHC represents ½ of the University of Connecticut, ½ of its budget, ½ of its employees and ½ of its research portfolio.

research strengths
Research Strengths

The Health Center ended our last fiscal year on June 30th with more than $100 million in extramural research funding.

Huge accomplishment.

research strengths20
Research Strengths

This fall, four of our most prominent — and growing — research centers moved across the street to the new Cell and Genome Sciences Building where there is also incubator space for new bioscience start-ups.

We’re very encouraged about these endeavors.  


Over the past decade, the Health Center -budget shortfalls

structural challenges …

small and encumbered with low-profit services


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC),

UCHC has implemented $100 million in operating expense reductions and revenue enhancements.

PwC had predicted unless and until the underlying causes of these operating losses are corrected.

dialogue begins
Dialogue Begins

The Health Center’s need for deficit appropriations began a multi-year dialogue about how to fix the problem.


In 2007, we proposed building a larger replacement hospital on this campus.

In 2009, we proposed creating a partnership with Hartford Healthcare, Corp (which many I shared with you last fall).


Neither of gained sufficient consensus and support

— clear findings from the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering in 2007 that verified the need for new clinical facilities on this campus.

2010 a bold solution
2010: A Bold Solution

March -Governor M. Jodi Rell, backing of all regional hospitals, announced a new path forward .

Coined the term UConn Health Network.

2010 a bold solution27
2010: A Bold Solution

--Represents a new era of cooperation among regional hospitals

-- combined with state bond funds for the renewal of John Dempsey Hospital

--provide funding for related clinical, research and academic initiatives in the region.


Plan was approved by the General Assembly in May and signed by Governor Rell in June –

Here at the Health Center.

Moving forward however with any new state bonding funds is contingent upon the UCHC securing $100m in non –state funds.


The creation of a new hospital tower plus the renovation of a significant portion of JDH serves is the cornerstone of our success going forward:


Financial stability to all UCHC operations, including the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine, the Graduate School in Biomedical Sciences, John Dempsey Hospital and the UConn Medical Group;

  • Sustaining and expanding access to tertiary, specialty, primary and oral health care.

Improving the quality of the medical and dental schools by recruiting and retaining outstanding students, residents, fellows and faculty;

Creating a supportive environment an emerging translational research program;

Serving increasingly important role state’s system of care by strengthening the services of UCHC and other health care providers throughout the state.


Comprehensive application to the federal Health Resources and Services Administration for a $100 million federal grant to support the construction of a new patient tower on this campus and renovations


The state legislation that passed gives us the authority to move forward

planning and design.

Architectural planning firm selected.

the renewal of john dempsey hospital
The Renewal of John Dempsey Hospital

Renovate existing space within our hospital

Construct a new, 169-bed tower.

Critical piece: the assumption of the licensure of 30 Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) beds and 10 beds from the Special Care Nursery to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.


Beds will stay here – where neonatology started in northern Connecticut – but will be licensed to and operated by Connecticut Children’s.  

Connecticut Children’s at UConn Health Center.


Efforts will ultimately allow us to add 50 new adult medical-surgical beds into our mix,

Allow us to offer private, state-of-the-art rooms for patients with additional space for teaching and research collaborations.



Solving Structural Deficit

Med-Surg Size

Distribution of Services

elements of the uconn health network
Elements of the UConn Health Network

The UConn Health Network is a series of regional initiatives with local hospitals and healthcare organizations. All are designed to address pressing healthcare needs. The legislation provides funding – in some cases “start up” funding – for these projects including:

connecticut institute for primary care innovation cipci
Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation (CIPCI)

Based at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Focused on addressing the growing shortage of primary care physicians

Innovative models of training and improving patient care

center for education simulation and innovation cesi
Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation (CESI)

Hartford Hospital

Enhanced with cutting-edge resources< train next generation surgeons in the robotic/minimally invasive techniques and innovations

center of excellence on health disparities research
Center of Excellence on Health Disparities Research

Focused on addressing problems of inequality in health care, with support from the Cobb Institute of the National Medical Association

center of ex cellence on health disparities research
Center of Excellence on Health Disparities Research

Within five years, the Center would be supported by over $4.5M in external grant funding, corresponding to over 80 new jobs for the region

Addressing Health Disparities/Savings in Capital and Suffering

national comprehensive cancer center
National Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cancer centers in the region to work together, as one entity, to seek designation as a National Institutes of Health Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Put region on par with nationally-recognized cancer centers, which serve as destinations for excellence in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

national comprehensive cancer center44
National Comprehensive Cancer Center

Brings together all the highly accomplished cancer Will contribute to efforts to attract federal and private sector funds for large-scale clinical trials related to cancer care, screening, and prevention

Considerable potential for job creation through enhanced research contracts and grants

connecticut institute for clinical and translational science cicats
Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (CICATS)

Launched in 2009

Educating and nurturing new scientists throughout the region

Focused on increasing the number of clinical and translational research projects in the greater Hartford area – particularly large-scale projects

connecticut institute for clinical and translational science cicats46
Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (CICATS)

Master of Science Degree in Clinical and Translational Research

Development of Participants Clinical Interactions Resources

Development of Region Wide Expertise in Clinical Research

NIH Grant 50MM Submitted Yesterday.

biosciences enterprise zone
Biosciences Enterprise Zone

Intended to attract new commercial investment into the area, with a particular focus in Farmington, New Britain, Bristol and Hartford.

biosciences enterprise zone48
Biosciences Enterprise Zone

The biomedical research activity of the University of Connecticut is envisioned as a stimulus for the Biomedical Enterprise Zone, with technology transfer linkages being pursued to commercialize University based biomedical research.

regional neonatal intensive care unit program
Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Program

Integrating care with Connecticut Children's

Provides comprehensive, sole-source NICU services in the region and improves accessibility, efficiency, and continuity of care

regional neonatal intensive care unit program50
Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Program

Attracts highest quality pediatricians, obstetricians, and other clinical health care professionals to the greater Hartford area

Drives more grant opportunities to the region

connecticut institute for nursing excellence
Connecticut Institute for Nursing Excellence

Based at the UConn School of Nursing in Storrs, the Institute will explore new ways to enhance the recruitment, education, and retention of nurses and nursing faculty throughout the region.

the hospital of central connecticut
The Hospital of Central Connecticut

The Hospital of Central Connecticut is

-planning phase for a comprehensive community cancer center

bring new levels of service expertise and access to care to patients throughout Central Connecticut and beyond.

bristol hospital
Bristol Hospital

The UConn Health Network also supports patient room renovations at Bristol Hospital.

community health centers
Community Health Centers

Two of Hartford’s community health centers and the Hispanic Health Council that serve at-risk populations also receive support resulting from the establishment of the UConn Health Network.


By 2030,

  • 6,818 new jobs will be generated. This (Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis)
  • -2100 construction jobs the renewal project will create.

Also, estimates regarding state output project that the new hospital, together with the UConn Health Network components, will generate $994 million annually in new output.


A financially solid academic center is a dynamic force for economic growth. As we grow and recruit more physicians, scientists, nurses and other staff, there is a clear benefit to our hometown and the surrounding area.


This project, with its capacity to bring financial viability to our hospital, represents the future of our enterprise and those we serve.

This is an opportunity not just to improve, but to transform. Uniquely positioned as the state’s only public academic medical center, UCHC is now also uniquely positioned for a true partnership with the federal government, our state government, teaching affiliates and community partners statewide.


How you can help:

Support the UCONN Health Center

This is Your Health Center.

Talk About the Health Center

Be a Part of Its Future


2nd Annual


to benefit the UConn Health Center

on the Occasion of its 50th Anniversary

Save the Date!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT

7 p.m. Cocktails, 8 p.m. Dinner, Program and Live Auction


James Calhoun

Marja M. Hurley, M.D.

Ravindra Nanda, M.D.S., Ph.D.

For Tickets and sponsorship information, please contact

Dina Plapler at 860.679.8077



We are in an era of renewal and growth — and look forward to many successful years ahead.

Thank you! I’m now happy to answer your questions.