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Past Simple &. Past Progressive. Elementary, my dear Watson!. Hum… I’m terribly sorry…. What were you saying ? I wasn’t listening …. I was just presuming that…. What were you doing last night at 10:25, Ms. Jamieson?. I was dinning out with the Parksons.

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Past Simple &

Past Progressive

Elementary, my dear Watson!

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Hum… I’m terribly sorry…

What were you saying? I wasn’t listening…

I was just presumingthat…

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What were you doinglast night at 10:25, Ms. Jamieson?

I was dinning out with the Parksons.

She has a good alibi, I dare say,Holmes,don’t you think?…

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Mr. Bullock climbed the stairs when he tripped and fell…

Mr. Bullock was climbing the stairs when he tripped and fell…


Upon my faith,Watson…That’s it!

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Past Simple

Past Progressive

  • Action in progress at a definite time in the past

  • The action was still happening when another action started in the past

  • Enumeration of actions that finished in the past

  • Result

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Did you hear or see anything strange last night at 10:25?

Well, I was trying to read last night around 10:15 when I saw a strange light at my window.

I was preparing to go to bed when I heard someone screaming.

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…when I walked into the room.

Past Simple

Past Progressive

Mr.Bullock and Ms. Jamieson werearguing about something…

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Did you seeor hear anything suspect?

Could you tell me what you were doing exactly at 10,25 last Monday?


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Years ago / in ( year)/ from (year ) to( year)+Past Simple

Last…/ yesterday+ Past Simple

While / As+ Past Progressive

Elementary, my dear Watson!

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I got a package in the b) mail.When I opened it…

While Mr. Emerson was reading the little girla story,…a)

I was waiting

for an important call. 4)

I called Roger at nine last night,… c)

but hewasat the librarystudying. 2)

she fell

asleep, so he closed the book. 3)

Why weren’tyou at themeeting place? d)



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UQAMPCPES-FPE-7650-été 2005 ,groupe 20

Who did it in fact Adriana Balan

Responsable:Mme Monique Dugal

  • Auxiliaires:

  • Isabelle Roy

  • Philipe Lampron

02 JUIN 2005

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