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Overview of. www.ctteam.org. T eacher E ducation A nd M entoring Program . What is the TEAM Program?.

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Www ctteam org l.jpg

Overview of







What is the team program l.jpg
What is the TEAM Program?

  • Legislation passed in October 2009 has established a Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) Program for the purpose of providing support and professional growth for beginning teachers.

What is the mission of the team program l.jpg
What is the Mission of the TEAM Program?

  • The mission of the TEAM Program is:

    to promote excellence, equity and high achievement for Connecticut students by engaging teachers in purposeful exploration of professional practice through guided support and personal reflection.

Why is team so important l.jpg
Why is TEAMso Important?

  • On-Going Support

  • Formative Process

  • Professional Growth


Who are the team program players l.jpg
Who are the TEAM Program players?

  • Beginning teachers holding an initial, interim initial or 90 day certificate.

  • Trained Mentors

  • District Administrators

  • Coordinating Committees

  • Review Committees

  • Professional Organizations

  • Regional Education Service Centers (RESCs)

  • CT Department of Education (CSDE)

How will my district support the team program l.jpg
How will my district support the TEAM Program?

  • District Facilitator-

    • An individual appointed to serve as a liaison between CSDE, district, beginning teachers and mentors regarding requirements of the TEAM program.

  • TEAM Coordinating Committee

    • A district committee that plans, implements and monitors the district’s TEAM Program.

  • District Support Plan

    • A plan outlining how your district will support beginning teachers and mentors.

  • What is the design of the team program l.jpg
    What is the design of the TEAM Program?

    • A professional growth model aligned with five domains of Connecticut’s Common Core of Teaching (CCT)

      • Classroom Environment, Student Engagement and Commitment to Learning

      • Planning for Active Learning

      • Instruction for Active Learning

      • Assessment for Learning

      • Professional Responsibilities and Teacher Leadership

    The cct emphasizes l.jpg
    The CCT Emphasizes:

    • High Student Achievement and success for all students

    • Differentiationof instruction to support students

    • Collaboration with colleagues and families to meet the diverse needs of all students

    • Commitment to the analysis of teaching and continuous professional development


    A web based program l.jpg
    A Web-Based Program


    Online workspace for:

    • CCT Performance Profile (self-analysis)

    • Professional Growth Action Plan (PGAP)

      • Module Goal

      • Learning Activities/Classroom Applications

      • Timeline for Module Completion

  • Beginning Teacher and Mentor Meeting Log

  • Journal for Beginning Teacher

  • Journal for Mentor

  • Beginning teacher dashboard l.jpg
    Beginning Teacher Dashboard

    Welcome Horatio Algebra


    District Facilitator: Lois Tess GoreSchool Administrator: Isabelle RingingMentor: Nina Tottenbag

    Slide12 l.jpg

    Welcome Horatio Algebra

    Welcome Horatio Algebra

    My Module Center

    Mentoring module process identify need for professional growth l.jpg
    Mentoring Module ProcessIdentify Need for Professional Growth :

    • ExploreCCT and Domain-specific Performance Profile

    • Identify one indicator for professional growth

    • Record specific examples/evidence of practice

    • Create an Initial Summary describing current practice

    • Create a professional growth Goal for the module

    • Record meetings in Log; document work in Journal

    Cct performance profile profiles available on ctteam org l.jpg
    CCT Performance ProfileProfiles available on ctteam.org

    • Read the Performance Profile going across from left to right.

    • Note language changes as you move across the continuum.

    Mentoring module goals l.jpg
    Mentoring Module Goals

    • Describe anticipated learning for the teacher

    • Connect to CCT Performance Profile indicator

    • Describe anticipated impact on students

    Mentoring module process develop a professional growth action plan pgap l.jpg
    Mentoring Module ProcessDevelop a Professional Growth Action Plan (PGAP)

    • DiscussProfessional Growth Activities and how teacher might apply new learning.

    • Identify resourcesto support Activities.

    • Communicate with the building administrator to share Professional Growth Action Plan.

    • Continue to record appropriate information in Meeting Log and My Personal Journal

    Professional growth action plan pgap l.jpg
    Professional Growth Action Plan(PGAP)

    Mentoring Module Process Step #2

    Mentoring module process implement plan and apply new learning l.jpg
    Mentoring Module ProcessImplement Plan and Apply New Learning

    • Participate in professional growth activities.

    • Try new learning in the classroom.

    • Use data to analyze the impact on students.

    • Continue to use My Journal.

      • Record examples/evidence of new learning, classroom applications and outcomes.

    • Continue Beginning Teacher/Mentor meetings to discuss ongoing work and record in meeting log.


    Mentoring module process document new learning and impact on students l.jpg
    Mentoring Module ProcessDocument New Learning and Impact on Students

    Create a Reflection Paper* that includes: 

    • Initial summary and professional growth goal

    • Professional growth activities and teacher’s new learning

    • Description of how new learning was applied in the classroom

    • Analysis of teacher’s practice and impact on student learning/performance

      • supported by specific examples/evidence from My Journal

    • Plans for extending professional growth

      * 2000-3000 words

    Slide22 l.jpg

    Develop a plan for their work throughout the year

    Mentor & Beginning Teacher


    Expected time frame is 8 – 10 weeks

    Step 1

    Identify a Need or Opportunity for Professional Growth

    CCT Performance Profile (Self Analysis)

    Repeat the process

    Step 2

    Develop a Professional Growth Action Plan


    Step 3

    Send to Administrator

    Implement Plan and Apply New Learning

    Try out new learning and Analyze outcomes

    Step 4

    Create a Reflection Paper

    Document new learning and impact on students

    Submit Reflection Paper for Review

    Go to next module

    Reflection paper l.jpg
    Reflection Paper

    • Initial Summary - what is currently happening in the classroom related to the selected indicator

    • Professional Growth Goal - describes teacher learning and desired outcomes for students

    • Summary of Teacher Learning - professional growth activities and what the teacher learned from using the activities

    • Application of Teacher Learning - how the teacher applied learning and what happened as a result (supported by specific examples)

    • Analysis of Professional Growth - how the teacher’s practice has changed and the impact on student learning related to the selected indicator (supported by specific examples)

    • Making Connections - plans for extending the professional growth experience with a connection to one other CCT Performance Profile indicator.

    What happens after i complete my reflection paper l.jpg
    What happens after I complete my Reflection Paper?

    • Share the reflection paper with mentor for feedback and sign-off

      • Note: Mentor sign-off indicates that reflection paper is consistent with on-going work during module.

  • Submit reflection paper electronically via www.ctteam.org for review.

  • Teachers will be notified via ctteam whether their reflection paper has met completion standard.

  • Who will review reflection papers l.jpg
    Who will review Reflection Papers?

    Options for the review of Reflection Papers

    • Districts have two options:

      • In-District Review

        • Trained reviewers from the district will review Reflection Papers to determine if they meet the standard for successful completion.

      • Regional Review Committee

        • Trained reviewers from the Regional Review Committee (reviewers from districts participating within a local RESC region) will review the Reflection Papers to determine if they meet the standard for successful completion.

    What happens when i successfully complete the required modules l.jpg
    What happens when I successfully complete the required modules?

    • The superintendent will verify that the Beginning Teacher has completed the TEAM Program Requirements.

    • BT is eligible for provisional certification.

    Slide27 l.jpg
    What happens if my Reflection Paper does not meet the standard for successful completion? Consider the following……

    • Go back to the journal for additional data

    • Engage in additional professional growth activities

    • Collect additional data

    • Continue to engage in discussions with mentor

    • Submit revised Reflection Paper

    Additional tools resources l.jpg
    Additional Tools/Resources standard for successful completion? Consider the following……

    • Sample Module Documents

    • Sample Reflection Papers

    • Recommended Resources

    • TEAM Coordinating Committee (TCC) Guidelines

    • Sample District Support Plans

    • Review Committee Guidelines and Criteria

    • Online Orientations

    • Monthly Electronic Communications

    Slide29 l.jpg

    I believe that reaching out to my coworkers for assistance, researching strategies in publications, and keeping a willingness to learn from others will contribute to my professional growth and a long, successful career in teaching.

    Reviewing the CCT Performance Profile was extremely helpful in examining and identifying my teaching practices prior to this process. 

    When I started this module, my classroom was almost 100  percent teacher driven.  By the end of the module, there was a noticeable sharing of classroom responsibilities and a greater participation by the students in the learning process. 

    Contact information l.jpg
    Contact Information researching strategies in publications, and keeping a willingness to learn from others will contribute to my professional growth and a long, successful career in teaching.

    • For additional information, please contact CSDE TEAM Program Consultants or TEAM Field Staff at your local RESC :