ad hoc networking l.
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Ad Hoc Networking

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GSC9/GRSC_017. Ad Hoc Networking  . GSC-9, Seoul. 1. Initial Architectures. - Low power sensors networks “surveillance” web - small, relatively static, embedded ad hoc networks `“bluetooth-type” networks - Small-to-medium sized, mobile ad hoc networks “802.11-style”. Terminlology .

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initial architectures
Initial Architectures

- Low power sensors networks

“surveillance” web

- small, relatively static, embedded ad hoc networks

`“bluetooth-type” networks

- Small-to-medium sized, mobile ad hoc networks


GSC-9, Seoul


Mobile Ad Hoc Networking =

= Mobile, Multi hop, Wireless Networking

= Mobile Mesh Networking

= Mobile Packet Networking

GSC-9, Seoul

ad hoc network applicability
Ad hoc network applicability


Small scale Large scale

Network type (few nodes) (many nodes)

Commercial home/office personal mobile cellular like

industrial local


Government specific Public Safety Large-scale military


Community/urban “covert” networks local communications


GSC-9, Seoul

hybrid communication networks
Hybrid Communication Networks

Satellite overlay

High speed




No fixed infrastructure Fixed/static infrastructure

GSC-9, Seoul

ietf manet standardization
IETF MANET standardization
  • MANET - established in 1997 chartered working group within Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • Focussed on studying routing specification with the goal of supporting network scaling up to hundreds of routers

* Unicast routing protocol

* Multicast routing protocol

  • Work on routing for large and small scale networks
  • Work relies on the existing IETF standards such as mobile-IP and IP addressing
  • For large-scale MANET the lack of interest have put this work in question
  • Flooding: work on requirements had started

GSC-9, Seoul

mobile ad hoc networking manet
Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET)
  • Dynamic topologies
  • Bandwidth-constrained
  • Asymmetric links with variable capacity
  • Energy constrained
  • Multiple technologies can be used simultaneously

GSC-9, Seoul

open issues
Open issues
  • A optimisation network layer and radio layers for different systems (incl. 802.11, HiperLAN)
  • B QoS support
  • C secuirity
  • D mobility
  • B, C, D issues could be orthogonal, joint optimization is very difficult (system design choice)
  • tradeoff between centralized and distributed algorithms for B,C,D

GSC-9, Seoul

relevant etsi activities
Relevant ETSI activities
  • MESA Project - ad hoc network on future Public Safety communications
  • BRAN - HiperLAN-2, other

Standardization challenges =>

There is need for standard-based approach at the network layer.

GSC-9, Seoul