a trip through the solar system l.
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A Trip Through the Solar System

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A Trip Through the Solar System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Trip Through the Solar System. Mrs. Frederick’s 6 th Grade Class of 2009 May 2003. Galaxy Tour to Neptune. Agents: Maddie Kelzenberg, Jamie Stockholm, Liesbeth Stiegelmeier, and Jena Lockwood. Martian Arts. Agents Charles Stuart Jarrod Redday Matt Anderson Dorian Walker.

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Presentation Transcript
a trip through the solar system

A Trip Through the Solar System

Mrs. Frederick’s

6th Grade Class of 2009

May 2003

galaxy tour to neptune
Galaxy Tour to Neptune


Maddie Kelzenberg,

Jamie Stockholm,

Liesbeth Stiegelmeier, and

Jena Lockwood

martian arts
Martian Arts


Charles Stuart

Jarrod Redday

Matt Anderson

Dorian Walker

spectacular saturn
Spectacular Saturn


Nicole Patrick

Katrina Hanson

Becca Anderson

Amber Swope

pluto adventure
Pluto Adventure

Amber Benz, Julia Edmonds, Naomi Schaefer, Brandi Moran and Sharlynn Meyer with the Pluto Adventure.

jumpin jupiter

Travel Agents:

Josh Heath

Brett Rasmussen

Jake Carlson

Beau Prest

galaxy airlines
Galaxy Airlines


Tara Skinner

Whitney Nelson

Meighan Robbins

Christina Rowbotham

galaxy tours
Galaxy Tours


Zeno Wicks

A.J. Becker

Tyler Watkins

Josh Peterson

jupiter adventure
Jupiter Adventure


Chris Goodfellow

Ben Smidt

Kyle Young

Stephanie Moran

Jennifer Rice

no limitz
No Limitz


Kirby Trooien

Kayla Madler

LuAnn Pietz

Kacey Harming

Savannah Andersen

adventure to venus
Adventure to Venus


Garth Britzman

Brayden Carlson

Keith Campbell

Michael DeBough

saturn or bust
Saturn or Bust!


Brandi Nissen

Alyssa Graphenteen

Chanel Eiseman

Jeannie Buckley

got mars
Got Mars?!


Blair Hodges

Kaylin Helsper

Tara Harvey

neptune travelers
Neptune Travelers


Allyssa Rae Perryman

Kyle Nordbye

Allee Mersch

Tyler Zmuda

to jupiter and beyond
To Jupiter and Beyond


Dennis Hock

Kyle Cooper

Jake Maca

Nick Howey

to pluto and beyond
To Pluto and Beyond!


Coby Styf

Matt Aadland

Morgan Vrchota

Gavin Winters

the scaled down solar system
The Scaled Down Solar System

Jordan West


The solar system distances scaled down 5.8 trillion times.

The planets are 1billion times smaller.

saturn express
Saturn Express


Dani Wang

Corrina Benz

Jerad Runge

Alex Parker

a far out adventure to jupiter
A Far Out Adventure to Jupiter


Kris Kotelman

Heather Schmidt

David Debowey

Not Pictured:

Beth Shaffstall

mystery martian express
Mystery Martian Express


Matt Field

Matt Teal

Erin Harwood

Cassy May

magnificent mercury
Magnificent Mercury


Skylar Livingston

Stefani Bibby

Megan Schmidt

Donald Briggs

mission to mercury
Mission to Mercury


Ryan Dodd

Mason Winterboer

Sandy Lunt

Kayla Lerew

neptune expressway
Neptune Expressway!


Sarah Jones

Cathy Rothmeier

Jacalyn Seas

Katelyn Waligoske

mars the red planet
Mars the Red Planet


Tye Fox

Tyler Krump

Judge Kelly

Not Pictured:

Dillon Janes

sailing to saturn
Sailing to Saturn


Patrick Coughlin

Jordan Swenson

Justin Klingbile

Austin Ribstein

just going to jupiter
Just Going to Jupiter


Chloe Hillberg

Brooke Huisken

Kristen Drake

Ulla Canoy

thanks for a great year
Thanks for a Great Year!

May the force always be with you,

May you find a new challenge with each new day,

May you never stop learning new things,

May you treat everyone you meet with respect.