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A Novel Adventure PowerPoint Presentation
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A Novel Adventure

A Novel Adventure

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A Novel Adventure

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  1. Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion Standards Citations Teacher Notes A WebQuest for 3-5th Grade (Children’s Literature) Designed by – Marianne Gordon EDTL 680 – Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning – Summer 2008 Based on a template from The WebQuest Page A Novel Adventure

  2. Introduction • A novel experience lies before you! The challenge is an enticing endeavor, allowing you to explore some fun and fascinating facts about the story, “Rechenka’s Eggs” by Patricia Polacco.

  3. Task • Working in a group of three, you will be transformed into authors. Your goal will be to complete a mini-book that takes a deeper look into the author’s life, story setting, and culture.

  4. Resources • Computer (for each student) • Internet access • Pencils, colored pencils, and scissors • Printed copies of all PDF worksheets • Sheets of colored construction paper (for book covers) • Copies of the story “Rechenka’s Eggs” (one copy per group)

  5. Process 1 • The teacher divides the class into groups of three, and assigns individual roles. • Assigned roles include: • Author Analyzer • Ukrainian Culture Coordinator • Writer Rooter • To complete the mini-book each student must complete their task.

  6. Process 2 • After completing individual tasks, each student will share their information with other group members. • Using the information gathered, students work collaboratively to write, proofread, and form a layout for their book. • Students color pysanky egg worksheets for their book cover design. • The completed book is turned into the teacher.

  7. Author Analyzer • Your first goal is to answer questions about the author. Use the “Who Am I” link to find your answers. Make sure you write in complete sentences, using the worksheet provided. • Next, come up with five questions on notebook paper that you would ask the author if you could. • Finally, complete the KWL worksheet (What you already knew about the author, what you want to know, and what you have learned).

  8. Ukrainian Culture Coordinator • Your first goal is to answer questions about the country of Ukraine. Make sure you write in complete sentences, using the worksheet provided. • Next, use the link provided for Ukraine and the United States and complete the Venn diagram. Remember, where the circles overlap is where you write things about the two countries that are alike. • Finally, using the pysanky egg link, choose five egg designs for each member in your group, and print them. If time, you may begin coloring your five eggs.

  9. Writer Rooter of Geese • Your goal is to answer questions about geese. Use the link about geese to find your answers. Make sure you write in complete sentences, using the worksheet provided. • Next, use the Venn diagram to compare and contrast geese to swans. Remember where the circles overlap, write things that are alike. • Next, using the goose link to the coloring sheet, print out one copy for each member of your group. If time, you may begin coloring your copy.

  10. Evaluation Rubric for WebQuest

  11. Conclusion • Congratulations authors! You have created a fabulous mini-book, allowing yourselves and others a closer look into the story of “Rechenka’s Eggs”. Reward yourselves with a little fun. Click and solve this puzzle.

  12. Standards • Ohio Academic Content Standards – Language Arts for 3-5th grade • Reading Process standard: -D. Apply reading skills and strategies to summarize and compare and contrast information in text, between text and across subject areas. • Reading Applications standard: -C. Identify the central ideas and supporting details of informational text. • Guidelines for Effective School Library Media Programs in Ohio: • Benchmark H: Share multicultural children's books in culturally conscious ways. -1. Use works written by and about various ethnicities and cultural groups. Demonstrate effective usage of library-based technologies, including the Internet and other • Benchmark C: electronic resources for teaching and learning. -4. Demonstrate technology projects that utilize active learning.

  13. Standards continued- • Ohio Academic Content Standards for Technology: • Technology and Communications Applications standard: • Benchmark B: Develop, publish and present information in print and digital formats. -1. Use graphic organizers to sequence and organize information and projects. • Benchmark B: Use technology to find information by applying a research process to decide what information is needed, find sources, use information and check work. -3. Search for information in an online library catalog, electronic encyclopedia or teacher-selected list of Web sites.

  14. Teacher Notes • Teachers need to use care in selecting groups, to ensure the students within each group work well together. • Classroom helpers (even using older students) will make the lesson run more smoothly. • Make sure directions are clear and concise. Ask students to repeat directions back to ensure everyone fully understands expectations.

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