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2010 AFP International Conference. Baltimore, MD April 11-14 Megan Brignon, Kobi Nix, Jeff Whitsell. Kobi Nix Gail Perry, CFRE- “Create a Fundraising Action Plan for Your Board Members and Put Them to Work Where You Need Them” Information Courtesy of Gail Perry Associates. What to do First.

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2010 afp international conference l.jpg

2010 AFP International Conference

Baltimore, MD

April 11-14

Megan Brignon, Kobi Nix, Jeff Whitsell

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Kobi Nix

Gail Perry, CFRE- “Create a Fundraising Action Plan for Your Board Members and Put Them to Work Where You Need Them”

Information Courtesy of Gail Perry Associates

What to do first l.jpg
What to do First

  • Get to know your board members.

  • Choose what fundraising jobs you want them to do.

  • Allocate your own time for this project.

  • Enlist your board leadership first.

  • Create a snappy brand name.

Five step action plan l.jpg
Five Step Action Plan

  • Step One: Fire up your board about the cause

  • Step Two: Crucial conversations to inspire new attitudes

  • Step Three: The right tools and skills

  • Step Four: Very specific jobs to do

  • Step Five: A great reporting and support structure

Step one fire up your board l.jpg
Step One: Fire Up Your Board

  • Mission moments

  • Testimonials

  • Field trips

  • Your impact

Step 2 three crucial conversations l.jpg
Step 2: Three Crucial Conversations

  • What are we raising money for?

  • Why do you care about our cause?

  • Why are volunteers so powerful?

Step 3 training tools and skills l.jpg
Step 3: Training: Tools and Skills

  • Friendraising

  • The process of fundraising

  • Relationship building

  • It’s NEVER about money

  • High intention low pressure

Step 4 give them very specific jobs l.jpg
Step 4: Give Them Very Specific Jobs

  • Narrow, narrow focus

  • Keep it very simple

  • They get to choose

  • Not too many choices

Step 5 reporting and structure l.jpg
Step 5: Reporting and Structure

  • What do we want to accomplish?

  • What results do we want to create?

  • What will happen if we reach these goals?

  • What will happen if we miss these goals?

What now what to do after you get the grant l.jpg
What Now?! What to Do After You Get The Grant

Megan Brignon

Cheryl L. Kester, CFRE

Thomas-Forbes & Kester, LLC

Grants Consultants

Why grants management l.jpg
Why Grants Management?

  • Affects success of your project(s)

  • Affects future fundability

  • A Grant = A Contract

    • Improperly managed grants

      • May lose funding

      • May be required to RETURN funding!

      • People go to JAIL!

Grants management process l.jpg
Grants Management Process

  • Notifying Internally

  • Saying Thank You

  • Post-Award Meeting

  • Establishing Management Procedures

  • Publicizing Grant

  • Implementing Project Activities

  • Reporting to Funder & Stewardship

Notifying internally l.jpg
Notifying Internally

  • Your Boss

  • Executive Director

  • Project/Program Director(s)

  • Accounting

Saying thank you l.jpg
Saying Thank You

  • INSTANT thank you letter from E.D./Program Director

    • Return any forms/supplemental info

    • Turn downs get thank yous too!

  • Press Release

  • Thank you meeting

Post award meeting l.jpg
Post-Award Meeting

  • Who comes?

    • Grant Writer

    • Executive Director

    • Project/Program Director(s)

    • Accounting

  • Content

    • Review of timeline and objectives

    • Evaluation plan

    • Reporting deadlines

Establishing management procedures l.jpg
Establishing Management Procedures

  • Grant Notebook

    • Post-Award Checklist

    • Complete copy of proposal and budget

    • Reporting deadlines

    • Copies of ALL contact between funder and organization

  • Spending Policies

    • Appropriate spending and accounting

    • Expenditure approval processes

Grants office responsibilities l.jpg
Grants Office - Responsibilities

  • Regular Project/Budget Reviews

    • Quarterly meetings

    • Who should be there?

    • Expenditure questions

    • Program Questions

    • Next year’s budget or program

  • Liaison with program director

  • “Urging” grant compliance

Publicizing the grant l.jpg
Publicizing the Grant

  • Is a form of stewardship

  • Motivates other gifts

  • Set policies re: gift size to PR

  • ALWAYS follow funder’s preferences

Implementing the project l.jpg
Implementing the Project

  • Always refer to the grant proposal; don’t assume

  • Watch progress toward milestones and objectives

  • Track all grant activities and outcomes

  • NO major changes without checking with funder

  • Make sure money is spent – no bonus for not spending $$!

Best stewardship practices l.jpg
Best Stewardship Practices

  • Say Thank You Promptly, Often, and Creatively

  • Include participants in thanking

  • Communicate year round

  • Invite to events or to a site visit

  • Submit well-written, timely reports

  • Fully expend funds within timeframe

Sample post awards checklists l.jpg
Sample Post-Awards Checklists

  • Community College of Allegheny County


  • St. Vincent University


Slide24 l.jpg

Jeff Whitsell

Kent Stroman, CFRE and

Phil Lakin, CFRE-

“7 Reasons

Campaigns Fail and How to

Avoid Them”

3 key questions l.jpg
3 Key Questions

  • Where do you see your organization right now?

  • Where would you like to be when you leave?

  • What will have to happen to achieve your wish?

Reason seven last things first l.jpg
Reason Seven: Last Things First

  • Some of the things that demand the most time are not critical to campaign success.

Pareto’s Law









Where are you spending 80% of your time?

Reason six crazy goals l.jpg
Reason Six: Crazy Goals

  • Unrealistic Goals

  • Feasibility Study

  • Know Constituents

Reason five not ready to succeed l.jpg
Reason Five: Not Ready to Succeed

  • The “Big Gift”

  • The organizations mission must be clear

  • Have a solid plan for the campaign and the program(s) that will be funded

Reason four know it all l.jpg
Reason Four: Know It All

  • Some people feel that they have to know it all before they begin their campaign

  • The “same old” campaign sometimes isn’t good enough

Reason three impatience l.jpg
Reason Three: Impatience

Pyramid of Giving

Planned Giving



Capital Giving

Capital Giving

Special/Major Gifts

Annual Giving

Repeat Annual Gifts

First Time Annual Giving

Reason two fuzzy goals l.jpg
Reason Two: Fuzzy Goals

  • Clarify timelines

  • Clarify goals

  • Most board members do not know the campaign goals of their organization, goals must be set by the board

Reason one leadership deficit l.jpg
Reason One: Leadership Deficit

  • You must have the right Campaign Chair

  • Use caution with people who have lead campaigns several times in the past

  • Executive leadership