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Writing Section

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Writing Section. After the Date… Grammar Basics. Final Essay Review . 1. Read the quote, figure out what the prompt is asking you to answer, and create an answer in your head that makes sense.

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Writing Section

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writing section

Writing Section

After the Date… Grammar Basics

final essay review
Final Essay Review
  • 1. Read the quote, figure out what the prompt is asking you to answer, and create an answer in your head that makes sense.
  • 2. Use good introduction techniques, such as quotes, statistics, hyperbole/shock, personal experiences, etc.
    • Do not simply restate the question or use a corny, cliché-style opening.
    • Do not attempt to sound scholarly or overly formal, but do use the right register and diction.
  • 3. In other words, answer the question with a strong perspective that can be supported with evidence.
    • Do not be wishy-washy about your response. If the question is “Do you believe people are inherently good or evil?” answer that either A) all people are saints at heart or all people are sinners.
strong evidence
Strong Evidence!
  • 4. Support your thesis or motivating statement using strong evidence.
  • 5. “write like a banshee.” Do not lift your pencil. Just write all of the facts and supporting details for your prompt.
  • 6. Always include evidence using a C1/Evidence/C2 format.
    • That is, first introduce the context of the evidence; second, indicate the evidence; and third, use the evidence and apply it to the point.
    • For example: “(C1) People may sometimes do a few good things, but they are seldom from the heart. (E) A good friend of mine does a small amount of charity work yet never fails to include the work on his resume. (C2) This shows how shallow and narrow-minded people can sometimes be.”
write like crazy
Write Like Crazy!
  • 7. Avoid grammar errors, but, it is not worth your time to go back and erase a few lines to correct one error. Keep writing and don’t make the same error again.
  • 8. When the clock ticks down to two or three minutes left, write a short conclusion that applies your thesis to a broader context. Do not simply restate your thesis. Bad: “So, my essay shows that all people are basically evil.” Good: “When we understand the inherent shortcomings of the human race, we can avoid making misjudgments or mistakes in the future.”
grammar and verb tense
Grammar and Verb Tense!
  • For American born Speakers –this is gut feeling kind of thinking
  • For second language speakers—this is familiar, but you may still be memorizing rules
what is the past tense
What is the past tense?
  • Build
  • Drink
  • Eat
  • Flee
  • Fly






past tense
Past Tense
  • Forbid
  • Lose
  • Freeze
  • Leave
  • Set






sample exercises
Sample Exercises
  • 6. A discovery in New Jersey actually contributed to the early economic development of America and, in 1714, a worker uncovered a green rock containing copper.
  • (A) America and, in 1714, a worker uncovered
  • (B) America when, in 1714, a worker uncovered
  • (C) America, thus, in 1714, a worker uncovered
  • (D) America, that being a worker in 1714 uncovering
  • (E) America, it was in 1714 a worker uncovered
sample exercise
Sample Exercise
  • 8. The old maxim “Let the buyer beware” suggests that as a buyer we are responsible for inspecting merchandise for flaws before paying for it.
  • (A) as a buyer we are responsible
  • (B) as a buyer it is their responsibility
  • (C) the buyer is the responsible one
  • (D) buyers are responsible
  • (E) buyers are to be the ones responsible
sample exercises10
Sample Exercises
  • 11. Dime novels, known in nineteenth-century England as “penny dreadfuls,” flourished because increased mechanization of printing and increased literacy rates made production of large numbers of these books profitable.
  • (A) and increased literacy rates made
  • (B) with increased literacy rates also made
  • (C) and also literacy rates increased and made
  • (D) as well as increased literacy rates, making
  • (E) and literacy rates increased, making
most of all practice practice practice
Most of all-Practice, practice, practice!
  • Go to College Board every day and do the Question of the day.
  • Do the practice tests
  • Review and memorize your tactics
  • Tactics are only helpful if you remember what they are come test time
new words
New Words
  • FER –bear, carry
  • THERM– heat
  • DEM—people
  • NOV—new
  • SCRIB, SCRIPT--write