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The Emerging Church

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The Emerging Church. Rising from fallen foundations. The Emerging Church. Presented at: Presbytery of East Iowa RTA Leadership Summit October 20 th , 2007 Jim Bonewald. Emerging from What?. Evangelicalism Liberalism Protestant Exclusivism. Emerging from What?.

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the emerging church

The Emerging Church

Rising from

fallen foundations

the emerging church2
The Emerging Church

Presented at:

Presbytery of East Iowa

RTA Leadership Summit

October 20th, 2007

Jim Bonewald

emerging from what
Emerging from What?
  • Evangelicalism
  • Liberalism
  • Protestant Exclusivism
emerging from what4
Emerging from What?
  • Foundationalism & Rationalism
  • Hierarchalism
  • Pride of place in society
the emerging church6
The Emerging Church

One definition:

Emerging churches are communities

that practice the way of Jesus within

postmodern cultures.


postmodern questions
Postmodern Questions
  • The certainty of knowledge
  • The objectivity of knowledge
  • The inherent goodness of knowledge
how not to speak of god
How (not) to Speak of God
  • Postmodern Christians don’t deny the existence of truth, they just seek to hold that truth differently.
  • “Truth is God and having knowledge of the Truth is evidenced not in a doctrinal system, but in allowing the truth to be incarnated in one’s life.”
    • Pete Rollins
emergent churches
Emergent Churches:

1.) have a significant interest in "community," communal living, and renewed monastic practices*

* This list is by Mark Scandrette from a chapter in Emergent Manifesto of Hope.

the jesus dojo
The Jesus Dojo

In Japanese, a dojo is literally, "a place where you learn the way.”

The setting where you learn to follow Jesus should be more like a karate studio than a college lecture hall.

emergent churches12
Emergent Churches:

2.) have an open-source approach to community, theology, and leadership that encourages flatter structures, networks, and more personal and collective participation.

emergent churches14
Emergent Churches:

3.) have a revitalized interest in the social dimensions of the gospel of Jesus, including community development, earth-keeping, global justice, and advocacy–with a particular emphasis on a relationally engaged approach to these issues

emergent churches16
Emergent Churches:

4.) have a renewed interest in contemplative and bodily spiritual formation disciplines that have, historically, been important Christian practices

emergent churches17
Emergent Churches:

5.) have a renewed emphasis on creation theology that celebrates earth, humanity, cultures, and the sensuous and aesthetic as good gifts of the Creator to be enjoyed in their proper contexts

emergent churches18
Emergent Churches:

6.) cultivate and have an appreciation of the arts, creativity, artful living, and provocative storytelling

emergent churches20
Emergent Churches:

7.) re-examine and rethink vocation, livelihood, and sustainable economics

what about us
What about us?
  • What are the implications of all this for Presbyterians?
    • Christianity for the Rest of Us
    • Tribal Church