Sustainable food in healthcare
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Sustainable Food in Healthcare. Wendi Shafir EPA Pacific Southwest Region. Overview. Why Sustainable Food ? Sustainable Food in Healthcare Health Issues Environmental Issues Strategies Food policies, Healthy Food Pledge Procurement Operations Tools GGHC HCWH Pledge PGH

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Sustainable food in healthcare l.jpg

Sustainable Food in Healthcare

Wendi Shafir

EPA Pacific Southwest Region

Overview l.jpg

  • Why Sustainable Food ?

  • Sustainable Food in Healthcare

  • Health Issues

  • Environmental Issues

  • Strategies

    • Food policies, Healthy Food Pledge

    • Procurement

    • Operations

  • Tools

    • GGHC

    • HCWH Pledge

    • PGH

    • EDF Best Practices Guide

Why sustainable food l.jpg
Why Sustainable Food ?

  • Support Human and Environmental Health

  • Educate patients, community

  • Provide healthier food (Farmer’s Markets) to community

  • Combat Antibiotic Resistance

  • Reduce food production’s environmental footprint

    • Energy, water, pesticides, soil conservation, fishery depletion

Sustainable food in healthcare4 l.jpg
Sustainable Food in Healthcare

  • Average US hospital serves over 1 million meals per year

    • Patients, Staff, Visitors plus vending

  • Education of patients and visitors

  • Improved health of patients, visitors, community

  • Positive publicity - differentiation

Health issues l.jpg
Health Issues

  • Poor nutrition – risk factor in 4 out of 6 leading causes of death

    • Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke

  • Increase in antibiotic resistance

  • Lack of Education on good nutrition

  • Often no source of fresh food in underserved communities

  • Respiratory Illness in neighbors (CAFOs)

  • Pesticide exposure to workers and their families, neighbors

Environmental issues l.jpg
Environmental Issues

  • Energy/Carbon – food production methods, transportation

  • Water conservation

  • Water quality - CAFOs, Pesticide, Fertilizer

  • Antibiotic resistant organisms, endocrine disruptor released into environment

  • Adequate Food Supply

Medical professionals call for end to non therapeutic use of antibiotics in food production l.jpg
Medical Professionals Call for end to Non-Therapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • American Medical Association

  • American Public Health Association

  • American Academy of Pediatrics

  • American Academy of Family Physicians

  • American Nurses Association

  • American Academy of Neurology

How to start l.jpg
How To Start Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Form Green teams

  • Commitment at all levels

  • Develop goals, policies

  • SIGN: Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge

Healthy food in healthcare pledge l.jpg
Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • From Healthcare Without Harm

  • Sample Language provided

  • Over 240 hospitals have signed up

  • Healthcare without Harm – provides resources

  • AMA approved a policy resolution in support of practices and policies to promote sustainable food health care systems

Involve suppliers l.jpg
Involve suppliers Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Food service providers: ex. Sysco

  • GPOs: ex. Novation

  • Food service contracts: ex. Sodexho, Aramark

  • Many have Sustainability Policies and Practices – But you may not get what you don’t ask for

  • Strategy - Avoid signing a contract with a prime vendor, get more flexibility in sourcing

  • Insist on what you want, put into next contract

Food policies l.jpg
Food Policies Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Locally sourced foods

  • Hormone/antibiotic free animal products,rBGH Free Dairy

  • Sustainably harvested foods, fair trade

  • Organic and other certified food

What else can you do l.jpg
What else can you do? Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Healthier vending machines

  • Serve meals lower on the food chain

    less meat, vegetarian options

  • Farmers Markets

  • Onsite Gardens

  • Healthy Cooking Classes and demonstrations

Marketing and education l.jpg
Marketing and Education Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Table tents

  • Special of the day feature

  • Patient tray inserts

  • Menu’s, recipes

Sustainable food purchasing l.jpg
Sustainable Food Purchasing: Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Meat, Dairy and Eggs

  • Produce

  • Seafood

  • Coffee and Tea

  • Bottled Beverages

Sustainable dining operation l.jpg
Sustainable Dining Operation: Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Cleaning Chemicals and Pest Control

  • Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment

  • Dishwashing and Water Use

  • Facilities Construction and Design

  • Serviceware

  • Recycling and Waste Disposal

Some examples l.jpg
Some Examples Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Meat, Dairy and Eggs

  • Produce

  • Cleaning Chemicals and Pest Control

  • Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment

  • Waste Practices

  • Water

Meat dairy and eggs l.jpg
Meat, Dairy and Eggs Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Serve meals that are lower on the food chain

  • Go Antibiotic Free

  • Consider Cage Free, Hormone Free, Grass fed,

  • Reduce Transport GHGs

Produce l.jpg
Produce Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Go organic or at least IPM- take the time to learn more about your source farms

  • Go seasonal and local

    • Reduce transport GHGs

    • Support local farms, communities

    • Freshest

  • Buy imported produce with credentials

    • Such as fair trade, Rainforest Alliance

Cleaning chemicals and pest control l.jpg
Cleaning Chemicals and Pest Control Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Use certified cleaners

    • Such as Green Seal, those on San Francisco’s list

  • Get informed

    • Ask for Materials Safety Data Sheet

  • Prevent pests

    • Integrated Pest Management - Non-chemical preventative measures

  • Dry-clean responsibly

    • Avoid Dry cleaners who use perchloroethylene (PCEs)

    • Reusable laundry bags -eliminate need for plastic disposables

Cooking and refrigeration equipment l.jpg
Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Reduce appliance “on” time

  • Use energy efficient appliances

    • Energy Star Program for Commercial Food Service

    • Center for Energy Efficiency Commercial Kitchens Initiative

  • Focus on refrigeration.

Example waste practices l.jpg
Example: Waste Practices Antibiotics in Food Production:

Reduce food waste by:

  • Tracking and planning (Join EPA’s Wastewise)

  • “room service” model for patients

  • Reduced packaging

  • Reduce bottled beverages

  • Use re-usable china, serving ware, linens

  • Biobased service ware

  • Recycle, compost

Water l.jpg
Water Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Rinse smarter - Low-flow spray valves, Regulation devices

  • Buy water and energy-efficient equipment.

    • Energy Star or Consortium for Energy Efficiency’

  • Don’t overheat

    • Tankless water heater

    • Insulate

    • Programmable thermostat, recirculation-pump timer

    • Regular preventative maintenance

  • Serve water upon request -Bottleless water service

  • Spot and fix leaks

Discussion l.jpg
Discussion Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • Kaiser Permanente Sustainable Food Programs

  • What are YOU doing

  • Ideas?

Resources l.jpg
Resources Antibiotics in Food Production:

  • EDF Sustainable food practices


  • Healthcare without Harm


  • Practice Greenhealth


  • Foodmed


  • Green Guide for Healthcare


Contact info l.jpg
Contact Info Antibiotics in Food Production: