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Amazing Chipmunks

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Amazing Chipmunks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Amazing Chipmunks. By Kelsey Holt and Kelly Raleigh.

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Amazing Chipmunks

By Kelsey Holt and Kelly Raleigh


What is a chip that you do not want to eat? A chipmunk! In this report we will tell you about chipmunks. We will tell you what chipmunks look like, where they live and what they eat. We will also tell you some interesting facts about chipmunks.


This is what a chipmunk looks like. It is very small, and it has brown fur. It has a white belly, and white stripes along his back. A chipmunk has big ears and small claws on his hands and feet.


Chipmunks adapt to their environment. They live in burrows, in woods and in forests. They also live high up in mountains. They live in North America and Asia.


When it comes to eating chipmunks plan ahead. Chipmunks eat fruit, plants, nuts, and strawberries. They also eat raspberries.

They plan ahead by burying their food.


Finally we will tell you some interesting facts about chipmunks. Did you know a chipmunk can carry more than 3,700 blueberries in his mouth! There are 17 different species. Sometimes a chipmunk scolds other animals that are dangerous. If a chipmunk is not sure if danger is near, it stands up and stamps his feet. They also bury their food.


In this report we have told you about chipmunks. We told you what chipmunks look like, where they live and what they eat. We also told you some interesting facts about chipmunks. We hope you enjoyed our report about chipmunks. We enjoy chipmunks because they are cool animals. Thank you and good night!