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Project Overview. Technical Education Improvement & Innovation Project Presented By: Beth Neal and Kathryn Hornsby October 2001 Presidents Council. Project Objective.

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Presentation Transcript
project overview

Project Overview

Technical Education Improvement & Innovation Project

Presented By:

Beth Neal and Kathryn Hornsby

October 2001 Presidents Council

project objective
Project Objective

To provide Technical Colleges and Colleges with Technical Divisions with an opportunity for improvement through developing, applying and demonstrating educational improvements and innovations.

project overview3
Project Overview
  • $900,000 of Carl Perkins Federal Leadership dollars
  • Awards to be used to engage in wide variety of projects promoting improvements and innovations linked to Perkins mandates, permisssives and core sub-indicators.
  • Funds will be awarded through a project application process.
  • Each technical college may submit one or more project application(s) based on their eligible funding level.
  • Best practices and outcomes will be shared with other technical colleges.
perkins overview
Perkins Overview
  • The goals of the Perkins Act of 1998 are:
    • To build on the efforts of states and localities;
    • To develop challenging academic (technical) standards;
    • To promote the development of services and activities that integrate academic, vocational and technical instruction; and
    • To link secondary and postsecondary education.
  • The Technical Education Improvement & Innovation Project is intended to generate innovative ways of delivering improved technical instruction services and activities to our students.
project categories
Activities to meet Perkins Benchmarks

Applied SCANS Models

Career Guidance

Career Placement

Emerging Occupations Curriculum

Enrollment Management


Institutional Research/Institutional Effectiveness


Job Readiness/Employability Skills/Job Retention



New & Emerging Technologies

New & Emerging Technologies for Instructional Delivery

Perkins Project - Other

Program Effectiveness

Special Populations

Staff Development

Student Advising

Technical Skills Programs

Project Categories
project parameters
Project Parameters
  • OTE oversees the project application and award process.
  • The “best” submissions in each category will be funded.
  • Projects applications will be:
    • Reviewed and rated by a statewide review team, and
    • Ranked on a numerical scale by category.
  • Participation in the Technical Education Improvement & Innovation Project is voluntary.
project parameters cont d
Project Parameters (Cont’d)
  • PAS coordinators are OTE’s primary point-of-contact within each technical college and will be sent project information on Monday, October 15, 2001.
  • With the college president’s approval, project applications may be submitted by:
    • Technical college faculty
    • Technical college staff
    • Technical college departments, and/or
    • Collaborative partnerships between and among colleges.
  • Project applications, budgets and signature sheets are due to OTE on November 16, 2001.
project application
Project Application
  • Components of the project application include:
    • Cover Page
    • Guarantee
    • Eight Narrative Questions
    • Signature Page
    • Assurances
project application cont d
Project Application (Cont’d)
  • Completed project applications and project budgets must be electronically received by Lisa Gullette at by November 16, 2001.
  • OTE will acknowledge receipt of each application via e-mail to the appropriate individual(s).
review process
Review Process
  • Project applications will be assessed and ranked on a numerical scale.
  • Project applications will be reviewed objectively by a team consisting of a minimum of three (3) reviewers.
    • Assembled by OTE - sufficiently independent of technical college applicant
    • To include statewide subject-matter experts
  • A rating sheet will be used by reviewers for each application. A benchmark of scoring a minimum of 80 points out of 100 points is necessary to be considered for the first phase of the award process.
selection criteria
Selection Criteria
  • Project applications are evaluated on the following criteria:
    • Demonstration of need for the project;
    • Soundness and innovativeness of the approach described;
    • Benefits to be derived from the project;
    • Reasonableness of the proposed budget;
    • Proposed project’s relationship to Perkins mandates, permissives, and core indicators; and
    • Degree to which the findings, procedures, training, technology, or other results of the project can be replicated at other technical colleges.
  • OTE staff will prepare and send responses for:
      • Those applications that will receive funding in the first phase;
      • Those applications that are provisionally approved but require modification; and
      • Those applications that, in the judgment of OTE and/or the review team, propose projects that lie outside the scope of this project and cannot be funded at this time.
project budget
Project Budget
  • Completed budgets must be electronically received by Lisa Gullette at by November 16, 2001.
  • The Project budget is viewed as a separate item from the project application and is scored on a pass or fail basis.
  • Budgets must be proper and reasonable in accordance with the project plan. Technical assistance will be provided, starting in December, for budgets that do not “pass” the initial budget review.
general information
General Information
  • Individual technical colleges may wish to conduct an internal competitive process to determine which project applications are submitted to OTE.
  • Projects should be designed to reach logical and fiscal conclusion by end of FY 2002.
project criteria
Project Criteria
  • All projects should improve programs and/or services affecting students.
  • Project must be demonstrable.
  • Other (technical) colleges must be able to replicate and/or reproduce the project’s outcome(s).
  • Project outcomes must be clearly linked to Perkins mandates, permissives and core sub-indicators.
project criteria16
Project Criteria
  • Project must result in an end product or products such as:
    • Processes
    • Services
    • Activities
    • Products (i.e., Training or instructional manuals)
    • Software/software applications (additional criteria)
    • Web-based products (additional criteria)
  • The project must follow Perkins, DTAE and OTE cost guidelines.
project criteria cont d
Project Criteria (Cont’d)
  • In accordance with Perkins guidelines, funds may not be used for:
    • Advertising/public relations costs solely promoting educational entity
    • Advertising/public relations costs promoting items and memorabilia
    • Food or entertainment costs
    • Costs to federal award based on estimates – not actual charge
    • Fund raising, financial campaigns or solicitation for gifts to obtain contributions
    • Government general costs
    • Personnel costs not supported by personnel activity records or time sheets
    • Losses that should have been covered by insurance
    • Renovation to facilities
    • Supplant new and/or existing School-to-Work activities
project criteria cont d18
Project Criteria (Cont’d)
  • In accordance with DTAE and OTE objectives:
    • The project must be Perkins eligible
    • Illegal activities will not be funded
    • Copywrited materials may not be infringed upon
    • Funds may not be used to refurbish or replace furniture, carpeting, landscaping, etc.
    • Limited equipment purchases are permitted in designated categories.
what did you just say
What did you just say?
  • OTE wants to give you Carl Perkins Federal Leadership funds to engage in a Technical Education Improvement & Innovation Project.
  • To receive this funding, you should submit the following items by November 16, 2001:
    • Application (eight narrative questions, cover sheet, assurances)
    • Budget
    • Signature Forms
  • Technical assistance will be provided to you by OTE staff.


Technical Education Improvement & Innovation Project