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Procurement. The key phrase is a “fair and open competition”. NYS Office of General Services (OGS) State Contract. Under the New York State Finance Law, OGS awards contracts on the basis of lowest price and/or on the basis of best value, to a responsive and responsible offer.

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The key phrase is a “fair and open competition”


NYS Office of General Services (OGS)

State Contract

  • Under the New York State Finance Law, OGS awards contracts on the basis of lowest price and/or on the basis of best value, to a responsive and responsible offer.

OGS contracts will:

∗Reduce or eliminate the time required to research specifications

∗ Enhance and simplify the purchase process

∗ Minimize the time required to identify responsible vendors

∗ Ensure product and service quality



  • Voluntary ambulance services -- Sections 100 and 104 of the General Municipal Law
  • Non-public, nonprofit elementary and secondary schools -- Section 109-a of the General Municipal Law
  • Nonprofit independent colleges and universities -- Section 6404 of the Education Law
  • Certain nonprofit museums, historical societies, zoological gardens, botanical gardens, arboreta, and aquariums -- Section 258-a of the Education Law
  • Nonprofit, non-public hospitals, residential health care or mental hygiene facilities -- Section 163 of the State Finance Law
  • Certain charitable organizations -- Chapter 741 of the Laws of 1985 and as amended through Chapter 275 of the Laws of 1998.

Unable to purchase under state contract?

From Appendix A-1 of your contract

Page 5, Section 11.c

i A Grantee purchasing any single piece of equipment, single service or multiples of each that cost up to $15,000 may do so by proving reasonableness of price. One method of proving reasonableness of price is to obtain three quotations from responsible vendors, on the vendor’s letterhead. A description of the selection process must be maintained, as well as a record of the quotations.

ii Goods or services or multiples of each that have an aggregate cost between $15,000 up to $50,000 may be obtained by advertising the opportunity in a reasonable manner and in an appropriate venue for a reasonable period of time. Reasonableness of price must be proven; obtaining three quotations as in (i) above may be used. A record must be maintained of the advertisement, the quotations, and the selection process.

iii A Grantee expending over $50,000 must use a formal competitive bidding process. Guidance may be obtained from DHSES. At a minimum, the competitive bidding process must incorporate the following: open, fair advertisement of the opportunity to provide the goods or services; equal provision of the information to all interested parties; reasonable deadlines; establishment of the methodology for evaluating bids before the bids are opened; sealed bids opened at one time before a committee who will certify the process; and maintenance of a record of the competitive procurement process.


What is an appropriate venue and reasonable period of time?

Venue –Newspapers, weekly periodicals, trade industry publications, industry magazines

Reasonable period of time – 1 day

What is not appropriate?

  • Advertising to special interest groups
  • Advertising in another language
  • Internally generated mailings and publications

Example/template for


  • ___________________________, a nonprofit organization, is seeking quotes for (equipment) (materials) (subcontractors services) under the Bureau of Justice Funding. Work includes: (design and installation of Closed Circuit Television equipment) (design and installation of access control and ID systems) (design and installation of electronic security systems) (lock replacement and master key system) (design and installation of entryway door replacement) (design and installation of perimeter security lighting system(s)) (installation of blast resistant film systems on exterior glazing) (design and installation of ____________)
  • Specification and bid requirements can be obtained and/or reviewed by stopping by our office during normal business hours (9:00AM to 4:30PM) located at, _______________________________, tel. (….)
  • All interested firms will be required to sign for the proposal documents and provide primary contact, telephone, fax and email address.
  • Quote/Proposal response is required by:_______ Work is to commence by: _________and completed by ________2009.
evaluating the bids
Evaluating the Bids
  • Evaluation criteria and scoring methodology created prior to receipt of proposals
  • Criteria might include the following elements:
  • Cost
  • Experience/Qualifications of vender
  • References
  • Conforms with work schedule
  • Proposal meets RFP requirements

For more information contact:

Earl Knowles