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Making AP Statistics Work

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Making AP Statistics Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making AP Statistics Work. Jackie Miller, The Ohio State University David Spohn, Hudson High School. AP Statistics. AP Statistics. First administered in 1997 Steady growth over past 10 years

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making ap statistics work

Making AP Statistics Work

Jackie Miller, The Ohio State University

David Spohn, Hudson High School

ap statistics3
AP Statistics
  • First administered in 1997
  • Steady growth over past 10 years
  • Similarities and differences between AP Statistics and Introductory Statistics course at the college level.
ap statistics college board web sites
AP StatisticsCollege Board Web Sites
  • AP Central Home Website
      • Simple registration process
  • AP Statistics EDG (Electronic Discussion Group)
      • Simple registration process
statistics at hudson high school7
Statistics at Hudson High School
  • Pre 1991-92
    • One semester course taught every other year
  • 1991-92
    • Full year course developed.
      • Intended for students who have completed Advanced Algebra but did not wish to take Pre-Calculus
  • 1996-97
    • Course became AP with the introduction of AP Statistics
statistics at hudson high school8
Statistics at Hudson High School
  • Who takes AP Statistics?
    • Prerequisite: Successful completion of FST (functions, statistics, and trigonometry). This course is typically taught to juniors.
    • Many students take AP Statistics along with PDM (pre-calculus and discrete math) or AP Calculus
    • Enrollment is about 100-120
      • About 25% of the size of a graduating class
statistics at hudson high school9
Statistics at Hudson High School
  • Non-AP Statistics
    • About 100 seniors per year (20%-25% of graduating class) take a one-semester Statistics course
      • Similar to AP Statistics and College Liberal Arts Statistics
      • Must have completed Advanced Algebra to ‘qualify’ for the course
    • Twelve weeks of Quantitative Literacy is embedded in the senior course for students who have not completed Advanced Algebra (about 60 students or 15% of the senior class takes this course).
statistics at hudson high school10
Statistics at Hudson High School

AP Statistics vs. AP Calculus

  • Student perceptions
  • Math Department Perceptions
  • Guidance and Administrative Perceptions
  • In short, it is not much of an issue
the ap reading12
The AP Reading
  • Becoming a reader
    • In 2006, there were about 400 readers with over 100 new readers (acorns).
    • The college board has a ‘goal’ of a 60/40 (college/school) ratio for its readers
the ap reading13
The AP Reading
  • The AP Statistics reading has been held in Lincoln Nebraska for the past several years.
  • In 2007, the reading will be held in Louisville Kentucky.
  • Reading dates are tentatively scheduled from June 3rd through 9th 2007.
the ap reading14
The AP Reading
  • The experience of being a Reader
    • David Spohn and Jackie Miller
      • Reading ‘rooms’
      • Reading partners
      • Professional Development
        • Informal discussions
        • The reading process
        • Professional nights and formal discussions
  • The experience of being a Table Leader
    • Jackie Miller
teaching ap statistics16
Teaching AP Statistics
  • Textbook Experiences
  • Classroom Experiences
  • Homework Experiences
  • Technology Experiences
  • Web based Experiences
  • AP Exam Preparation Experiences
  • Post AP Exam Experiences
teaching ap statistics textbook experiences
Teaching AP StatisticsTextbook Experiences
  • Textbook is technical Manual
  • Textbook gives examples
  • Textbook gives another presentation of material
  • Textbook has practice problems
  • It is expected that a student has read the text
teaching ap statistics textbook experiences18
Teaching AP StatisticsTextbook Experiences

Textbooks Considered for 2006 Adoption at Hudson High School

  • Agresti, Franklin; Statistics, The Art and Science of Learning from Data; 2007;
  • Bock, Velleman, DeVeaux; Stats, Modeling the World, AP Edition; 2nd Edition 2007;
  • Peck, Olsen, Devore; Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis; 2nd Edition 2005;
  • Watkins, Scheaffer, Cobb; Statistics in Action, Understanding the World of Data; 2004;
  • Yates, Moore, Starnes; The Practice of Statistics; 2nd Edition 2003;
teaching ap statistics classroom experiences
AP Preparation

Embedded throughout

Exclusive in last month








Concept and Big Idea building

Usually do together or in groups




‘Big Ideas’

Present efficiently


Skill building


Give class time

Create ‘rubric’ and let students know ahead of time

Goal is to ‘do it right’

Teaching AP StatisticsClassroom Experiences
teaching ap statistics homework experiences
Teaching AP StatisticsHomework Experiences
  • Skill building practice
    • Motivation is assessment
  • Activities/Projects
    • Motivation is points, ticket to class, etc
  • Reading
    • Motivation is assessment
teaching ap statistics technology experiences
Teaching AP StatisticsTechnology Experiences
  • Graphing Calculators
    • Convenient
    • Thorough
    • Instructional
  • Software
    • Experience applied Statistics
    • Software printouts
teaching ap statistics web based experiences
Teaching AP StatisticsWeb Based Experiences
  • See previous Webinars
    • Planning the use of an online resource in the statistics classRoger Woodard, North Carolina State UniversityGinger Rowell, Middle Tennessee State UniversityJune 13th, 2006 • 2:00-2:30pm EDT
    • Real-Time Online Hands-on Activities for Introductory StatisticsCarl Lee, Central Michigan UniversityMay 9th, 2006 • 2:00 - 2:30pm EDT
teaching ap statistics ap exam preparation experiences
Teaching AP StatisticsAP Exam Preparation Experiences
  • Released Exams
    • 1997
    • 2002
    • (2007)
  • Free Response Problems
    • All Free Response and Investigation problems (including grading rubrics) are available at AP Central.
teaching ap statistics post ap exam experiences
Teaching AP StatisticsPost AP Exam Experiences
  • Many texts include a chapter on ANOVA, Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression, etc.
  • It is a nice time to do an applied project.
  • Have the students to report on an article in Chance or Stats magazine.
  • Do something fun (see human histogram slide)
hudson high school class of 2004 human histogram by height boys with hands up
Hudson High School Class of 2004Human Histogram by Height (Boys with hands up)

Questions and Discussion

concluding remarks27
Concluding Remarks
  • Overcoming apprehensions about starting AP Statistics at your school
    • Just do it!!!
    • Every year will be better!
    • No one does it all!
    • Statistics is a dynamic course. Fit it into your personality and the personality of your students and school community.
concluding remarks28
Concluding Remarks
  • Cause Web site
  • USCOTS 2007
hudson high school class of 2004 human histogram by height boys with hands up29
Hudson High School Class of 2004Human Histogram by Height (Boys with hands up)

We hope you enjoyed the webinar!